Another good looking gal in a bikini fishing!

OK, so I have been slacking off and haven’t posted in a while, but hey! It has been crappy here in Washington for the last month and I haven’t felt like fishing much.

To make it up to you, here is a another chick in a bikini fishing. We would seriously love to see more women fishing, especially if they would do it at least partially naked (a bikini counts as partially naked right?)

Woman fishing in a bikiniDo you have a shot of your girlfriend, wife of even yourself in a hot bikini fishing?  Send us your bikini fishing pictures and we will make sure that they get posted!  Please, only original photographs only.  We have seen pretty much all the web pics of girls fishing in bikinis and know when they have been ‘borrowed’.

If we can get a steady stream of girls fishing in bikini photos coming in, we will try and make this a weekly feature!

See all the girls in our Hot Chicks Fishing in Bikinis!

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