A New Fishing Kayak From Cabela’s?

Is This The New Cabela’s Fishing Kayak?

Cabela's KayakKayak Angler magazine is claiming to have photos of a not yet released to the market fishing kayak that is due to hit the racks at Cabela’s  in June.

We received photos of Cabela’s new fishing kayak from an anonymous source. Looks like the new boat will be 12-feet long and 36-inches wide. The boat features a broad standing platform, electronics/gear pod and rod-tip protectors.

At 12′ it probably would just hold my big butt up, but would likely be a great fishing kayak for most lakes.

We will have to wait and see what price point it will come out at and whether or not I would sink it. LOL

The GoBoat Fits on a Shelf and Gets You on the Water in Minutes

GoBoatImagine driving to the lake. You park in a standard parking spot, open up the hatchback and pull out your boat.

Within minutes you snap it together, pump it up with air and carry it to the water’s edge. The GoBoat is a portable boat that offers a brand new way to get on the water. There’s no need to mess with a trailer or boat landing to launch your boat.

Just add a trolling motor, and you can take the GoBoat to places a larger vessel could only dream of going. With a draft of just inches, the GoBoat navigates shallow and narrow waterways with ease. Its nimble design allows outdoorsman to take the boat exactly where they want to be on the water.

It’s perfect for fishing, hunting or just relaxing. For more light-hearted fun, the GoBoat doubles as a crowd-pleasing bumper boat. The kids love it.

GoBoat creator, Dave Yonce recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce his product to the world. “The GoBoat is something I’ve dreamed of sharing for years. This boat is a game changer because it’s so portable and so simple to operate. I’m excited to make a great day of boating affordable for everyone.”

Dave Yonce is no stranger to startup success. He was the co-founder of Solarwinds, a multinational software company and is best known for his appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank with his IcyBreeze portable air conditioner. The GoBoat patent is approved, and Yonce has a team in place for manufacturing and distribution.

Expected retail price is $499, but Kickstarter backers can pre-order boats as low as $199.

To learn more, visit – www.thegoboat.com

Kickstarter project – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1578327429/the-goboat-personal-portable-watercraft

Spinning Reels New For 2016

Spring Is Coming Do You Have The Latest In Spinning Reels?

You know winter won’t last forever and you are cleaning the gear and prepping for the first fishing trip of the year. But are your spinning reels really up to another year’s punishment? Are you just craving the hottest and newest spinning reel to put on that new rod you got for Christmas?

Sure it was a present to yourself, but they never would have given you the right one anyway. I mean just look how mad your wife was when she opened up her present from you and found what was apparently the WRONG kind of vacuum cleaner.

But what are the hottest spinning reels for 2016 you may be wondering.  Here are a few items culled from the ICAST fishing convention and a few other secret sources.

abu garcia revo spinning reel 2016

Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Spinning Reel

A sweet inshore spinning reel, this thing is meant to take the salt
water like it was nothing and is geared towards fishing for braid. It
makes use of their X- craftic™ material to increase corrosion
resistance, as well as having 6 stainless steel HPCR™ bearings + 1
roller bearing. The smallest in the line will hold 180yd of 10# braid
and the biggest will hold 200yd of 20#.
MSRP on these bad boys is $199-219 but I’m finding them for slightly
less on amazon.

Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel 2016

Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel

Time to chase some trout? But does your arm get tired from throwing
metal at them all day? Then check out the Revo
spinning reels. The line in fact is touted as being
lighter because of their IMC6 body designs and X-Cräftic™ gearbox
design. The Revo SX also has a C6 carbon body. Want to feel like you
are fishing with a high end sports car? Here you go.
9 bearings for a smooth ride and a line capacity that ranges from
110yds of 6# with the REVO2SX10 model, all the way up to a sizable
230yds of 10# mono on the REVO2SX40 model. To me, this would be a great
trout fishing reel.
MSRP is $159.95 but as usual check Amazon’s price. I am seeing them a
little cheaper there.

Revo MGX Spinning Reel 2016

Abu Garcia Revo MGX Spinning Reel

Want to fish 2016 in style and make your friends drool? Then cash in
those cans, and drop a bit more money for the Revo MGX. This this in
Lets be honest here, no one needs 11 ball bearings
to reel in a fish. But if you are going to fish, you might as well do
it in style and the Revo MGX delivers on that. The parts list is
basically all of the best Abu Garcia can deliver in a spinning reel.
Carbon body, spool and handle shaft, aircraft grade aluminum shaft,
massively detailed gearing, and the list goes on.
You could go out with a $6 spinning reel, but why? So it can break in
six months, or worse, fail when you hook into that once in a lifetime
fish? Dude, life is too short for cheap reels!
MSRP is $299.95 and Amazon isn’t much cheaper but it will save you a
few dollars.

Pflueger President Limited Edition spinning reel 2016

Pflueger® President® Limited Edition
Spinning Reel

I haven’t gotten a chance to put my hands on one of these yet, but by
the specs, this might be a good line of spinning reels if you are
looking to not break the bank.
The bodies are graphite with aluminum gearing, so they are relatively
light, running from just over 6 ounces to just over 10. For the price
point, 10 ball bearings is excellent and they even classied it up a
little with a carbon fiber shaft on the handle. It may not be the race
car of a spinning reel that the Abu Garcia Revo line is, but it is a
solid reel that will perform well.
This limited edition reel is only available in 2016 BTW!
MSRD is a reasonable $80

Quantum Throttle spinning reel 2016

Quantum Throttle Spinning Reel

Quantum is a sister brand to Zebco, and lets be honest, that isn’t a
brand that screams quality and high end reels. That isn’t what we
expect from these guys, we expect spinning
reel and rod combos the function for $25
and that is what
they deliver.
The Quantum line is a definite step or two up from the Zebco brand.
Honestly these reels are generally sufficient for any casual angler.
They are definitely stepping up the quality game, especially in the new
reels like the Quantum Throttle. What impresses me with this reel is
the solid aluminum uni-body construction and 11 ball bearings. For the
price this is a hard reel to beat.
MSRP for the Quantum Throttle is $59.99 and that is about what I’m
seeing them for online.

Shimano Stradic FK spinning reels

Shimano Stradic FK

Shimano has rolled out a new creature with the Stradic FK. The big deal
with this spinning reel is the X-ship and the HAGANE body. The result
they say is a smoother reel that has a stiff body that won’t flex. Both
things are important to anyone that has ever fought a pissed off fish.
Feeling your reel bunch up under stress is no fun. Personally it seems
that 7 bearings is a bit thin for a spinning reel in this price point.
Whether it is worth the hype or not is still up for debate. The online
community is split on if this is hype or not. People that have these
spinning reels seem to love them though.
MSRP isn’t listed on the manufacturer’s website which is annoying as
hell. The pricing online is running between $160 and $230 depending on
the model

mitchell mag-pro R spinning reels

Mitchell® Mag-Pro R Reel

Mitchell isn’t a name I see a lot here in the northwest, but it is an
old company and has been making fishing reels for a long time. I would
consider them as making reels for casual fishing. Their price point on
their classic reel the Mitchell
300 is only $50
The Mag-Pro R is a step up from the Mitchell 300 with 10 ball bearings
instead of 8 and an aluminum body instead of polymer. If you are
looking for a decently made, solid spinning reels at a budget price,
the Mitchell Mag-Pro R might be the spinning reel you are looking for.
MSRP for this reel is a budget friendly $89.95

Daiwa Exist Spinning Reels

Daiwa Exist Spinning Reels

Forget it! Don’t look at it, you can’t have it! The Diama Exist is so
advanced, so cutting edge that you don’t get to have one! So far I can
see that these are only available in Japan and I’m thinking they
transform into motorcycles when they aren’t being used as fishing
All joking aside, the big piece of technology in these reels is that it
has a 13 Bearing System (2 MBB + 10 CRBB + 1RB). Of these, the
Magsealed ball bearings are the pimp shit. In them, magnetic oil
bridges the gap between the inner and outer bearing races, keeping the
elements out. The nanotech fluid in them changes properties when under
the influence of a magnet. Net result is a massively smooth reel with
insane corrosion resistance.
MSRP of this piece of high technology isn’t listed but I’m betting it
is $699 from what I’m seeing online. YES! $700 for a spinning reel. How
was your tax return?

team lews pro speed spinning reel

Team Lew’s® Pro Speed Spin® Series

Another name I’m not personally familiar with, The Team Lew’s brand has
been around for a while and has been making reels since 1973. A middle
of the road brand by price point, Lew’s has reels ranging from about
$30 on up to $129 for their top of the line, the Pro Speed Spin reels.
There isn’t a ton about these reels that is exceptional, but they do
have carbon rotors and for me, I like seeing 12 ball bearings on this
model, and it does have a carbon drag. All in all this should be a
decent reel. The price point is reasonable too for this model and its
MSRP isn’t listed

There Are The New Spinning Reels For 2016

OK, not really, there are tons more and this page could go on forever.  If there is a new one I missed and you think I should add, leave a comment, send an email or so on.  Likewise if you have one of these reels, let us know what you think of it!

20# Salmon Stolen Off Fisherman’s Line By Mystery Predator

As If Seals Stealing Salmon Wasn’t Bad Enough…

A video recently posted online shows Thomas Tran reeling in what looks to be a pretty nice salmon off the coast of Canada when something rockets from the deep dark waters to snatch his prize from him. I’m used to the hazards of seals and sea lions stealing salmon and I’ve seen video of killer whales doing it too, but what is this?

The clip is short at about 30 seconds originally and it runs through the attack once, and it is quick, at normal speed and then again at half speed.  For a moment you see the salmon working to get away, then something rises up and munches the salmon in one bite.  Tran’s line snaps shortly after that.

Sturgeon Or Shark Stealing This Salmon?

The two things that have been put forth as the culprit are sturgeon and sharks.  Sturgeon are definitely big enough to go after a salmon, but to me, this doesn’t look like one.  To me, that smooth tan skin looks like a shark and there are sharks up in the northern waters.

A shark stealing a salmon off someone’s line? Happens down in Florida so why not up here in the north as well?

Christmas Gifts For Real Men

Christmas Is Coming What Are You Getting Your Guy?

Christmas is fast approaching and you still haven’t gotten that guy you sort of like anything cool and you don’t want to get some generic crap like most people do.  Here is a list of cool Christmas gifts for real men that any guy with hair on his chest and grit in his belly would love to get. Anyone out there that is paying attention, take a hint!  These are of course themed for real men that go out and do things like fishing, hiking, wrestling bears and the like.  No argyle sweaters, trendy hipster crap or wussy guy stuff is allowed around here.

All of these can be found on Amazon, because I know you will have put off shopping for your outdoors guy until the last minute. I know I put my shopping off until the last minute…

Gifts For Real Men #1 – LoopRope for Transporting Fishing Rods

Gifts for guys - LoopRope Does the guy you like go fishing?  Likely he will have same problem I do then, and that is where to store the most expensive part of the outing not counting the vehicles, namely the rods and reels.  If they are old clunkers you can just toss them in the back of the truck or in the boat.  However, if your guy has spend $500 on a rod and reel combo it probably makes him cry to do that.  The LoopRope is really similar to an idea that I cooked up but never  built for holding rods on the ceiling of my van or suspend in the boat.

Check LoopRope Prices On Amazon


Gifts For Real Men #2 – 64oz Stainless Steel Drink Tank Growlers

Gift for guys - Drink Tank growler If your guy likes beer, and lets face it, they had better if they are a real guy, then a wimpy 12oz bottle isn’t going to cut it.  But what do you do about keeping that man size jug of beer cold and carbonated on the way home from the brewery?  The Drink Tank solves that in a manly way.  It is a stainless steel growler that doubles as a man size beer mug, no sharing needed.

The claim is that it can keep a fresh load of beer cold for 12 hours, but no man would let that happen anyway, so the point is moot.  Ditch the fragile glass growlers and get your guy the present of a real growler for Christmas that will keep his favorite brew cold and make it easy to drink at the same time.

Shop Drink Tank Growlers On Amazon

Gifts For Real Men #3 – The Leatherman Skeletool CX

Great gift for a guy - Leatherman Skeletool Just as a hint, if you are buying a gifts for real men then you can never go wrong with knives. Guys like tool and weapons and knives hit both those categories. Leaning more towards the tool side and less on the “I’m going to kill a bear with just my knife” side of thing is the complete line of Leatherman tools.

If your guy is in a pinch without his full tool kit (it happens) then a leatherman is just the thing to have on hand. I always have my close by and it has come in more than handy on several occasions.  The Skeletool line is small enough to carry, but still beefy enough to get some real work done. If your guy doesn’t have one, get one for him now!

Check Leatherman Skeletool C X  Prices On Amazon


Gifts for Real Men #4 – Sunway P25C Tactical Flashlight

Sunway P25C flashlight gift for guys Guys have to do things in the dark. We crawl down holes, up in attics, look for thing under couches and beds, go fishing at 3am and have to “go down and take a look” when something goes bump in the night.  Most of it we hate because we can’t see shit. You can give your guy the gift of happy and illumination with an awesome flashlight. Not any wussy one off the shelf at Walmart, but one that when we hit the button makes it look like the light of God has shone down on the scene.

Your standard flashlight will put out 50-150 lumens. This bad boy will crank out a full 1000lm.Most high powered flashlights use special batteries because you can’t be awesome with a AA battery. Sufficient maybe, but never awesome. So I suggest you combo this flashlight with the rechargeable 18650 batteries and charger.  One thing is for sure, now when he has to go into the dark looking for something for you, he will be able to find it!

Sunway P25C Flashlight Prices On Amazon


Gift For Real Men #5 – Stanley Coffee Mug

Gift for guys Stanley coffee mug Now not all guys like coffee. I don’t know many, but there are some. That being said, there is nothing that pisses us off more in the morning than to pour a nice hot cup of caffeinated love into our cup, load up all the things we need, hit the road and then take a sip of coffee that is as cold as our last girlfriend.  Solve that problem by getting your guy a really good insulated travel mug.

The Stanley Travel Mug is your best bet at keeping that coffee warm as he heads out into the predawn to go to work or go fishing. Now, it does only hold 16oz. which is enough for most normal people.  But if your guy really likes his hot coffee and will need to reload, you might check out the old school Stanley Thermos. Up to 2 quarts of blistering hot coffee will be at his disposal for up to 24 hours. SERIOUSLY!

Shop Stanley Travel Mugs On Amazon


There you have it, 5 gifts that any real man would love to get. Have a comment or have a gift we should have included here? Post a comment below and let us know.

Free Country

Trout Eat Mice?

Do Trout Eat Mice?

Honestly I’ve heard of Bass eating just about anything they can wrap their mouths around, including mice.  But as for a  Cutthroat Trout eating a mouse, that is something I’d never heard of until now.  This shot comes from a fairly old Field & Stream article, but I just ran across it. A photo of a Cutthroat trout with a mouse down its throat is something I’d never have figured I’d see.

Cutthroat trout eats a mouse

Pretty amazing shot, but I’d give that fish a 50/50 chance it won’t survive its gastronomic selection.  Still, it is an amazing shot and proves what I’ve always said that any given species will often eat things that people say they don’t.  I mean why else would trout eat corn?