Hot Fishing Chick Krista Tucker!

Krista Tucker is Sexy as Hell and Loves to Fish!

Recently BD Outdoors featured an interview with Krista Tucker, a very hot girl that loves to hunt and fish.

Of course she is a Florida girl, because the girls up here in the Northwest apparently don’t get out much.  Krista though has been fishing since day one.

“I lived in Miami, Florida, until I was eight and my parents took me to the Everglades nearly every weekend and we fished all over the 10,000 Islands for snook, bass and juvenile tarpon. I was catching fish before I knew how to tie my shoes.”

Hot Fishing Girl Krista Tucker

Krista is a real sport about fishing too!

Some fishing girls are a bit prissy, but I don’t get that impression from Krista Tucker.  Here is a video of her fishing for Redfish using a Barbi fishing pole and chicken nuggets for bait.  Gotta love that!

Final thoughts…

My suggestion is to head on over to BD Outdoors and check out the rest of the interview (and the pictures of Krista).  She is definitely not just another pretty face that a photographer dressed up in fishing gear and handed a rod to.

Captain Krista Tucker’s Facebook page can be found here if you are wanting to keep up on what she is doing!


Katee Owens Fishing in a Bikini

A hot amateur girl fishing in a bikini seems like  a good Friday update!

UPDATE: We used to have a video of Katee Owen fishing here, but that video has been scrubbed from the web it seems.

I am betting none of you are going to complain about today’s update considering that it is a video photo with the very cute amateur web girl Katee Owen (@RealKateeOwen) fishing in a bikini.  We all know what the fishing weather is like right now in the PNW so this is a great reminder of warmer days to come!

Web girl Katie Owens pulling in a fish.
Web girl Katie Owens pulling in a fish.

Lets show Katee some love for fishing in her bikini!

No, not that way you pervert!  Drop by her Twitter page, say hi and let her that you want more videos of her fishing in a bikini.  Alternately you can stop by her site and check out what she has going on.  Either way, let her know that you found her via us and let her know we want to see more!

Till next time, get out there and get fishing!  Oh…  And if you have a gal that likes to fish, send us in some pics, we would love to show them off in our next ‘Hot Fishing Girl‘ update!

Uncensored Photos Of Girls Fishing Naked

Don’t forget that you can check out all sorts of girls fishing in bikinis, fishing topless and even girls fishing naked over on the site Be warned that some of it is definitely NSFW (not safe for work).

Website with hot girls fishing in bikinis or fishing naked

Hot Woman Fishing

Here is something to warm up all us Washington fishing nuts!

While we are here in Washington freezing our asses off fishing, in other parts of the world, the weather is fine.  Take this photo taken on a fishing trip down in Cabo.  Doesn’t that look like a lot more fun than standing alongside the river with frozen fingers?

hot woman fishing
Click Here to See More Hot Women Fishing

Oh well, Spring will come again and the women of the Northwest will once again shed their Columbia and Northface jackets for a few weeks.  Gotta enjoy those two weeks in the summer while they last!

Reel Girls 2013: Hot Women Fishing Calendar TV Special

Everyone knows I am a fan of fishing, Tequila and hot looking women. That is why it puts a smile on my face to let you know that the 2013 Reel Girls calendar is not only  ready, but you can get a preview of the twelve of Florida’s HOTTEST women anglers that are gracing the pages of the 2013 Reel Girls Calendar.   Just tune into the Sportsman Channel (if you get it) Saturday December 15th at 7:30 PM ET to check out the hot fishing babes that are on the calendar.

 “It’s no secret, women like to boat and fish too. The calendar features young, attractive female anglers, but it’s tasteful, and truly just a representation of the kind of anglers you’d find on the water any given weekend in our state. We didn’t hire professional models, our art director Drew Wickstrom went out and found anglers via our Facebook page and Forum who wanted to fish for a day, as well as participate in the calendar shoot. We’ve been trying to create a little more buzz for the calendar each year, and this year we finally did it,” said publisher Blair Wickstrom.

If that is true then we need to step it up here in the Northwest!  I have been out fishing a fair bit and a good looking girl fishing in a bikini around here is about as rare as a 60# Chinook on Possession Bar.  I know you probably haven’t had enough of these girls yet, so here is a bonus video for the band Port Salerno band Fresh Catch, that features shots from the calendar shoot.

Hot Fishing Women Calendars

2013 women in waders calendar 2013 Women Anglers hot chicks fishing calendar Fish n Chix women fishing calendar

Friday Bikini Fishing Gal With a Nice Pair!

Fishing Gal in a Bikini Showing Off a Nice Pair.

A nice pair of fish of course!  Don’t know where she is fishing, but I know it is a lot warmer than the Northwest right now. Guessing we won’t see girls in bikinis around here until next July.

[singlepic id=22 w=400 ]

As you are standing in a river salmon or steelheading, just think of the days sitting on a boat someplace warm with a girl in a bikini on the bow of the boat bringing you beers.  Hey, a guy can dream can’t he?


Hot Girls Fishing – Bikini and a Tarpon

The weather in the Northwest is chilling out…

Girl in a bikini holding a tarpon

I know things are getting colder here in the Northwest and we have likely seen the last of the swimsuits for the year at least here locally.  In tribute to the passing of the warm weather, I give you a hot babe, fishing in Florida I am guessing, holding a decent sized Tarpon.

Girls fishing in bikinis is always a good thing (well almost always) and the lack of them here in the Northwest is truly saddening.

Send us your Northwest fishing girl photos!

Have a local fishing girl to submit?  Just head on over to our contact page and send us your pics and contact info.  We would be glad to post some Northwest girls fishing for a change!


Topless Girls Fishing Photos

Amateur girls fishing in bikinis.

This week we have a couple amateur bikini fishing girls!


Amateur photo of a cute girl fishing in her tube top bikini

Sweet Sarah Fishing in Her Tube Top Bikini

Sarah here is super cute and looks good fishing in her little tube top bikini.  Would love to see more of her, but sadly this is the only shot of her fishing that I have found. She does epitomize the “amateur girls fishing in bikinis” category though!

Someone might want to get her a better rod and reel though.  That old coffee can style reel is a bit sad.

Good looking gal named Ginger fishing in a white bikini top

Ginger Fishing in Her White Bikini Top

Ginger in a white bikini on a boat.An awesome looking woman, Ginger is not afraid to show off her body.  If you click around on some of the other pictures that are posted of her and you will see what I mean.

Ginger looks good laying around on boats and on motorcycles in a bikini don’t you think?

Teri on the fishing boat in her bikini

Former Teacher Turned Topless Fishing Crew Tiffany Shepherd

OK, so she isn’t fishing in this shot but Tiffany Shepherd is famous for getting fired as a teacher, she feels because she was moonlighting  as a deck hand on a bikini and topless fishing fishing charter out of Florida.

The school says it was because she had missed 30 days and had two reprimands that year.  I just want to know where these teachers were when I was in school!

I know is technically a pro at fishing (sort of) but since she isn’t model I don’t think she violates the “amateur girls fishing in bikinis” category.

Girl Fly Fishing in Her Bikini on a Raft

Bikini Fly Fishing In Idaho

Fridays I usually reserve for updates on where we are fishing and of course a picture or two of sexy girls fishing, but this week I found something cool for you all.  A girl in a bikini fly fishing from a dinky ass raft purportedly somewhere on the south fork of the Boise River.  I still count that as a Northwest girl fishing in her bikini!  See…  I told you they do exist.

The great part is that she is breaking stereotypes while fishing and looking hot!  Most times models are seen holding rods all wrong, or holding fish, pretending that they are excited and not about to puke!

To the BoiseBoys for filming this and the girl in her bikini fly fishing, hats off and please…  Post more pictures and videos of the sexy Boise girls fishing half naked!

More Bikini Fishing Girls!

PNW Hot Girls Fishing in Bikinis Wanted!

The Pacific Northwest Has Hot Chicks Fishing in Bikinis Too!

Hot chick fishing in a bikini
The PNW has to have hot girls that fish too doesn’t it? Why should Florida get all the fun?

We do have hot fishing chicks, right???  Here at Fishing with Cliff we love to present all sorts of fishing related news but what our fans really love is the hot chicks fishing in bikinis we post from time to time.  So where are the hot Seattle, Portland and other Northwest babes that are out fishing?

Here is your chance to prove that the Northwest has hot outdoors babes too!  Swing over to our contact page and submit one or more photos you have of you fishing and looking hot.  I know in this politically correct age this is a horrible request, but we never have quite bought into the whole politically correct thing.

Please include your age, where you like to fish, what you fish for, your biggest catch and anything else you would like us to include!

Thanks and we look forward to seeing and posting your submissions!

More Bikini Fishing Girls!

Tits and Bass

Need a Naked Girl Fishing with You?

Cam girl loves fishing for Bass naked
Admitted cam whore, Candi loves getting naked while she is out fishing.

OK, I usually post girls fishing in bikinis  on Fridays, but this week I am going to go a little farther out on the limb ’cause I found a chick that actually has a bunch of pictures of her fishing topless and fishing nude photos posted up on the web.

Her site is Tits-n-Bass and it doesn’t look like she has updated it in a while.  Here is your official warning, there be titties and ass hanging out on her site!  LOL  Really?  What a surprise.

Now I will admit that while she isn’t bad looking, she isn’t any Danielle Lloyd, but I will say I appreciate her enthusiasm! I mean how, often do you find girls that are wanting to go out fishing and get naked at the same time.  If you do though, let me know!

In the mean time, if you enjoy looking at naked girls fishing for Bass, take a look at her site.  Plus if you are flush on cash, it looks like you might be able to rent her to go fishing naked with you.  Just Google her email address that is on her page and you will see what I mean.

More Hot Girls Half Naked Fishing (or pretending to)