A New Fishing Kayak From Cabela’s?

Is This The New Cabela’s Fishing Kayak?

Cabela's KayakKayak Angler magazine is claiming to have photos of a not yet released to the market fishing kayak that is due to hit the racks at Cabela’s  in June.

We received photos of Cabela’s new fishing kayak from an anonymous source. Looks like the new boat will be 12-feet long and 36-inches wide. The boat features a broad standing platform, electronics/gear pod and rod-tip protectors.

At 12′ it probably would just hold my big butt up, but would likely be a great fishing kayak for most lakes.

We will have to wait and see what price point it will come out at and whether or not I would sink it. LOL

Protect your boat and trailer from getting stolen.

One of the things that pisses me off in life more than anything is having the midnight creepers come around and steal my stuff.  Hell I have had people try and steal the tailgate off my old pickup truck while it was in a county park.

Every year there are guys losing their boats and trailers to thieves who take them and strip them.  That doesn’t feel good on your soul and doesn’t do good things to your insurance premiums.  So how to you deter thieves from stealing your boat and trailer?

 TRIMAX™ UMAX50 Trailer Lock
The Trimax Trailer Lock will help prevent thieves from towing away your boat and trailer.

The first is to make it hard to tow away. The little pin locks that go through the latch on your hitch may seem like a good idea, but industrious thieves have learned that they can still hook up to that open coupler, tie it down with duct tape and tow your boat to a place where they can cut your lock off in peace.

So what is the answer?  Obviously you can’t 100% stop jerks from stealing your stuff, but you can make them work for it.  The first item on the list for making your boat a pain to steal is the TRIMAX™ UMAX50 Trailer Lock.

This lock actually fits up into your coupler and makes it impossible to tow away.  Or at least makes it a whole lot harder.  The TRIMAX fits 1-7/8″, 2″ and 2-5/16″ couplers, is made out of hardened steel, and while I haven’t tried to cut one off, I am sure it is no easy task.

The next thing to look at is your wheels.  If they can’t steal your trailer and boat, what about the wheels?  There are several ways to lock them down.  The first if you are going to keep your trailer parked for a while is to cable lock them down.  By running a long cable lock through your tires and frame, it will make it a pain for people to come and just carry off.

If you are using your trailer a lot and don’t want to hassle with cabling the tires up, you might consider locking lug nuts for them.   Want to really lock them down?  Use all three!   While you are at it, don’t forget to lock down your spare tire as well.

Remember, the creepers are out there, looking to steal your stuff ’cause they are too lazy to make some money and buy their own.  Do what you can to make stealing more like real work and they will shy away from your hard earned toys!

Have you had your boat or trailer stolen? Drop a comment and tell us what happened and what you could have done to make those thieving bastards from taking your stuff!