Bow Fishing For Carp In Washington State

Yes, You Can Bow Fish For Carp In Washington

bow fishing for carpIn Washington State, Carp are an invasive species and need to be managed (heavily).  To that end, they are the only fish legal to bow hunt for.

 Here is a great article with some insights into bow fishing for for carp in Washington state waters.

By the time Tom hit his first fish we had both taken about a dozen shots, encouraged by Estes to “just keep shooting, and aim low” to compensate for the refraction caused by the water.

#As I kept missing — and aiming lower, and lower — Tom hit another fish. Then a third, each going into a large plastic barrel on his side of the boat. Finally, I got past the refraction, aimed low enough, and hit my first carp.

#“That’s a mirror carp,” Estes said as I hauled the roughly 20-pound fish over the side of the boat. He pointed out the irregular, larger-than-usual scale pattern on the fish, then dropped it into my bucket. The game was, as they say, afoot. Or maybe a-fin.

#In either case, by the time we left the inlet for more open water, Tom had hit four fish and I had three of my own in my bucket. We kept count for the next two hours, at which time we both decided we were having too much fun to care who shot the most fish.

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The Carp Rod Basics

Carp fishing is a hugely popular hobby in various parts of the world and the carp rod specialists at Fishermania have got all the info you’ll need about the most important piece of kit for your carp fishing exploits.

The carp rod basics

carp fishingA fishing rod is a fishing tool used in sport fishing that comprises of an extensive pole having a line held together at its side using guides. The line is normally held in reserve in storage on a particular reel so that the angler spin or twirl to both take up and allow the line out during casting. There is a hook or clip on the loose end of the line to grasp the live worms, insects, simulated lures, bait as well as the floats or bobbers and sinkers that hold the bait at the preferred level inside water.
There are various types of fishing rods available for coarse fishing with each one designed to undertake a specific job. When choosing cap rods you should make sure that the rod has a screw reel fitting to help hold the reel steadily. Numerous rods have sliding clips that you can button up together. Currently, majority of rods comes with safe reel fittings; however it is worth being very careful when buying the rod.

Different rods for different carp

The rod used for carp fishing differs with the variety of sizes of the carp. You might be looking for a carp weighing up to at least 15 pounds when you are in a smaller pond or lake.

In larger lakes, the carp may be very large weighing up to 30 pounds. Not all the rods will allow you to grab a 30 pound carp hence the size of the carp should vary when choosing the equipment for rod carp fishing. A one to two pound test curve rods would hold the carp up to approximately 15 pounds. Anything above 15 pounds should probably need a fishing rod having a test curve of approximately 3.

The other factor when choosing your rod carp fishing equipment is the angling distance. A longer fishing distance comprise of a longer rod having the ability to hold a heavier load.

The diameter of the rod rings must be of a reasonable size which facilitates decline in friction during fasting. Carp rods are normally packed into two pieces with either a put over joint or spigot. Anglers must also appreciate the distinctions between the two since some anglers usually strive to propel the spigot joints which flushes together. However, this can destroy the rod.

The divided rod on the carp is also attached to the underneath half of the fishing rods while the top half is normally pushed to the spigot to grasp it in the right place. This is the most normal type of joint on the carp rods. Also, anglers can join the 2 halves of the rod together.

Different carp rods contain put over joints in which the bottom suits into the top. Many producers fix spigot joints to the carp rods since they are solid and well built than the put over kinds.

Always keep it in your mind that being that a rod is called a carp rod does not mean that it can only be used for carp tasks only since there are some anglers who use salmon spinning rod since they work properly. Any person who would like to go for fishing can begin from anywhere. Just know that it is your execution and not fishing equipment which catches fish.

To see specialist carp rods and see more information on them, view the carp rods section on Fishermania’s website.

Silver Carp Attacks Female News Reporter

OK so attacks might be overstating it

The big news companies overstate stories all the time, so I don’t see any reason to not do it a little here.  This Silver Carp doesn’t exactly attack this female news reporter, but when it starts flipping around she acts like it sure is trying to eat her!

 Carley Gordon of Channel 4 News in Nashville was out doing a piece on the Jumping Silver Carp in the Cheatham Reservoir when the fish she was holding decided it had a little more fight left in it.  I an quite embarrassing fashion she drops it and recoils back only to fall backwards, ultimately finding herself sitting in the lap of a Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency official.

“Oh my God, I almost jumped out of the boat,” she can be heard to say.  I am sure the poor wildlife official hated having her on his lap.