The GoBoat Fits on a Shelf and Gets You on the Water in Minutes

GoBoatImagine driving to the lake. You park in a standard parking spot, open up the hatchback and pull out your boat.

Within minutes you snap it together, pump it up with air and carry it to the water’s edge. The GoBoat is a portable boat that offers a brand new way to get on the water. There’s no need to mess with a trailer or boat landing to launch your boat.

Just add a trolling motor, and you can take the GoBoat to places a larger vessel could only dream of going. With a draft of just inches, the GoBoat navigates shallow and narrow waterways with ease. Its nimble design allows outdoorsman to take the boat exactly where they want to be on the water.

It’s perfect for fishing, hunting or just relaxing. For more light-hearted fun, the GoBoat doubles as a crowd-pleasing bumper boat. The kids love it.

GoBoat creator, Dave Yonce recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce his product to the world. “The GoBoat is something I’ve dreamed of sharing for years. This boat is a game changer because it’s so portable and so simple to operate. I’m excited to make a great day of boating affordable for everyone.”

Dave Yonce is no stranger to startup success. He was the co-founder of Solarwinds, a multinational software company and is best known for his appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank with his IcyBreeze portable air conditioner. The GoBoat patent is approved, and Yonce has a team in place for manufacturing and distribution.

Expected retail price is $499, but Kickstarter backers can pre-order boats as low as $199.

To learn more, visit –

Kickstarter project –

Fishing Subscription Box For Men

Monthly Fishing  Subscription Box For Men

Everyone loves presents, which is why the monthly subscription box for men services are blowing up.  There are scads of monthly subscription services for clothing, boxes for men’s accessories and lots more.  But here we are going to highlight just the fishing related subscription boxes for men.  Though in all fairness, women can get them too.

We have been trolling the depths of the Internet to find the best to of the fishing subscription box services and here is what we landed:


mystery tackle box

Mystery Tackle Box

One of the first to blow up on the scene of fishing related subscription boxes for men, Mystery Tackle Box has remained strong, delivering an assortment of fishing lures. You pick the species and they deliver the lures.

lucky tackle box subscription box for men

Lucky Tackle Box

Not quite as well known, but delivering very similar content, the Lucky Tackle Box subscription service for men is another great choice for monthly mystery boxes of lures.

monthly fly fishing subscription box for men

Monthly Fly

There are several fly fishing related subscription box service companies. All offer a selection of flies. Monthly Fly gives you the great choice of ‘matching the hatch’ with your region and time of year.

the fly pack monthly fly fishing subscription box for men

The Fly Pack

This monthly subscription box gives you the choice of getting flies, or fly tying materials. I think that is a very interesting option, especially if part of the year it is snowing where you live.

post fly box monthly fly fishing subscription box

Post Fly Box

Offering a wider selection of types of flies than the rest, if you are looking for flies for less commonly fly fished for, you might look here.

The Crappie Box, panfish monthly subscription box for men

The Crappie Box

Focused on Crappie and other panfish, this is a great box idea if you are into Crappie, Perch and the like.  Just pronounce the name right please.

Monthly bait club fishing box subscriptions

Monthly Bait Club

This monthly fishing subscription box targets southern fishers, giving you a choice of freshwater Bass lures or saltwater lures for Snook, Redfish and Seatrout.

Did We Get All The Fishing Subscription Boxes For Men?

Is there fishing box for men that we missed?  Please let us know, or if you have a comment about one of these services, please post about it in the comment section below!

Anchor Pulling Ring Review

If You Anchor Your Boat Then An Anchor Puller Is Essential

Anchor pulling ring
An anchor pulling ring plus the float, makes getting your anchor back up MUCH easier!

Last year was the first time that the FWC crew took a stab at Puget Sound Halibut fishing.  It was a great learning experience.  Does that sum up our lack of catching any Halibut well enough.  We did learn some things though and one was the need to have an anchor puller.  With 300’+ of rope out and anchoring in ~200′ of water, pulling a muck covered anchor up sucks.  I should know, since as the biggest guy on the boat, I generally did it.  This year I solved that problem using a an anchor pulling ring.

We watched other people out there using buoys as were baffled at first as to what they were for.  Quite honestly we never anchor the big boat up other then when we are halibut fishing, so we had no experience with it and anchoring the little boat doesn’t really require one.

This Year We Got Smarter About Pulling Anchors

As we started gearing up for this year, an anchor puller was high on my list and I like simple, so my choice was an anchor pulling ring.  Obviously there are no moving parts to break, fail, seize up and so on.  I like that!

An alternative design anchor puller
A different style of anchor puller.

Secondly, anchor pulling rings are relatively inexpensive and about half of what the more fancy ones cost.

Third is that a ring style anchor puller doesn’t have to be put on the line before you anchor up. Half the time we are still asleep when we are going fishing it is so damn early and the last thing we need is to forget to thread the anchor puller on.

Fourth is that they anchor pulling ring is pretty forgiving.  Honestly this time out we had to add some rope to our anchor line to replace some that we lost and the knot we used to join them was efficient, but not what I would call mariner pretty.   I know it would never go through the fancier anchor pullers, but the ring didn’t care about our fist full of knotted rope.

Anchor Puller Buoys

The other essential part of this rig is a float of some kind, typically a 11-18″ buoy with a short piece of rope and a clip.  The stores all sell nice red ones and honestly you can save a few bucks by ordering online.   In fact, you can buy whole anchor pulling ring assemblies online for only about $80 but I am a cheap bastard and assembled my own.

After looking at the price of buoys and comparing it to what I was already spending the year in replacing equipment and buying a halibut spear, I figured I could just use an old fender that we found a few years ago.  It was fairly big an I figured it would float the little anchor we use just fine.

If you want something fancier for a buoy to put on your anchor pulling ring that is fine, I can see why you wouldn’t want an ugly old float on yours LOL.

Pulling Double Duty

That is a pun there… Ok, fine a lousy pun.  But since we are halibut fishing, we needed a buoy to go on the line for the halibut spear as well.  A quick change clip and the same float works for pulling the anchor and bringing in the halibut that we will eventually (hopefully) catch!

Easy To Use Anchor Puller

One of the things I like most about the ring and float anchor pullers is that they are easy to use.  When it is time to go, simply slip the ring over the line, clip on the float and motor past your anchor at about a 30 degree angle.  The resistance of the float in the water levers the anchor up out of the sea floor and pulls the line through the ring.  When it hits the top, you simply stop and reel it in.  No more back breaking pulling.  I love it!!!

Where To Buy Anchor Pullers

You can find anchor pullers in most stores, but I prefer to shop online and save some money.  It is up to you if you want to pay a little more to support your local store or if you want to save your money and spend your savings locally on more fishing tackle.  The second is usually my choice.

Wherever you decide to shop, I highly suggest you get an anchor pulling ring.  They are a back saver!

Salmon Fishing with Copper Wire

Have You Heard About Using Copper Wire to Fish For Salmon?

Copper Fishing Line
Is copper fishing line a superior way to get down deep when salmon fishing?

I just ran across the phenomenon and wanted to see if anyone else has heard of it here in the Pacific Northwest.  Apparently there is a new and improved way to get deep for fish like Salmon and Walley and that is Copper Fishing Line.  Never heard of the stuff until today quite honestly!

The advantage people are stating is that copper fishing line gets up to twice as deep as lead core line for the same amount of line you have put out.  I can see how that would be a real benefit.  But then again I haven’t used lead core line since I was a kid trolling around on Priest Lake over in Idaho, and that was a long time ago now!

That being said, I can see how this stuff would give you and advantage if you were mooching your way along Possession Bar and wanted to get down nice and deep.  Smaller diameter and heavier weight would definitely help you achieve that.

Fishing Copper Wire

Now most people I know go to braided line and diver around here when they are trying to troll deep sans downrigger so this information quite honestly comes from online research.  If I miss something of have it wrong, this is my disclaimer.  If you are currently running copper wire to fish for salmon, please leave me a comment down below!

Copper wire fishing line requires bigger reels.  The stuff is less bulky than lead core line, but still takes up a lot of room on the reel and since you need to put out a bunch of it to get down, reel capacity has got to be big.  Another key to the reel you use for fishing with copper wire is that it is a level wind.  Once copper wire gets tangled up, it stays tangled up.

You also really need a line counter on your reel.  Knowing how much line you have out is an indicator of how far down you are fishing.  This of course is only a guideline since water speed, the lures you are dragging and about 400 other factors will affect sinking rates, but 30 lb. copper wire fishing line sinks about 5-6 feet every 10 yards. 45lb line sinks about 8-9 feet for every 30 feet out.

Here is where things get messy though.  All of my sources are pointing at the Okuma Convector 55L as having the capacity you want, but it isn’t a line counter.  The biggest Line counter that Okuma makes is the CV-45D.

—>  I am still waiting to hear back from all the manufacturers on what they consider their best rods and reels for fishing copper wire to be and will update this as their info comes in. 

Suggested Reels for Fishing Copper Wire

Rods for Fishing Copper Wire

You need rods with metal eyes for fishing copper wire.  The problem is that the knots used to connect the leader to the copper wire and the copper wire to the backing tend to pop out he plastic and ceramic inserts found on most fishing rods these days.

  • Okuma Classic Pro GTL Copper Leadcore Trolling Rod (CP-CL-862M)
  • Tica Rod DGEB90M2 “Copperlakes”

Your Opinion on Copper Fishing Line for Catching Salmon?

If you are a West Coast salmon fisherman I would love to get your input on fishing for salmon with copper wire.  Admittedly I am well entrenched in my rut of using downriggers and divers, but I know there is more than one way to skin a cat and more than one way to get salmon to bite.

Give me your best input on copper fishing line and leave it in the comments section below.  I would love to hear what you have to say about this stuff!

Boomerang Swift Cut Knife Review

A Knife For Fishing From a Kayak You Won’t Lose!

Knife for Fishing From a Kayak With
When I started playing with the Swift Cut Knife that the people at Boomerang sent me, at first I wasn’t exactly sure what I would do with it or what I thought of it.  I am used to traditional knives when I am on the boat fishing and using them for cutting bait, line, and so on.  So what to do with this knife?

First off, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t want to gut fish with it.  It seriously isn’t built for that, but the blade is sharp enough out of the package to cut bait, though not delicately, but the serrations at the base of the blade were damn sharp and I had no qualms about it being sharp enough to cut cord/rope.

What would I use the Swift Cut Knife for?

The realization of what it would be perfect for came to me when I was looking at kayak fishing gear.  The Swift Cut Knife lacks a stabbing point so it is unlikely to jam into your boat (or leg) when you are bobbing around on the water.  It is about the right size to use to cut ropes and clip fishing line. This knife would be great to take with you when fishing from a kayak!

The overall build and the fact that it is on a retractable cord make it perfect for working with when you are limited in space and in a place where if you fumble your knife, it is on a one way trip to the bottom of the sea.

What Do I Like Best About the Swift Cut Knife?

The blade shape is great for utility work.  The flat, fairly dull tip is good for moderate prying (oysters anyone?) and the short wide blade is stocky.  The blade lock engages nicely and holds the blade firmly in place.

The blade does lack a spring assist to opening and closing which at first annoyed me until I realized that while it meant you can’t flip the blade open as easy, it also means that it won’t snap shut on your fingers.  Trust me, I have had a few near misses with my Spiderco knife that would have lost me some skin. Not something you want to replicate.  So the lack of a spring assist on opening and closing is a plus in my book.

The retracting cord works well, and I like the retraction button isn’t too tall so you aren’t bumping it on accident.  Overall the profile is smooth and fits in even my big hands comfortably.

What Don’t I Like?

Honestly, takes for what it is designed to do, I don’t have any serious complaints about the Swift Cut Knife from Boomerang Tools.  If any spring up after I have had it in use for a while I will update this page and let you know.

What I would say is that it is definitely a utility knife and don’t expect it to do fine knife work.  Additionally I am betting that the lanyard spring will be subject to rust, so a rinse down in fresh water and generous use of water displacing lubricant will need to be done to keep it working smoothly.

The Boomerang Swift Cut Knife Stats

For you lovers of cold hard statistics, here are the features and specifications for the Boomerang Swift Cut Knife:

  • 36″ Retractable Kevlartm cable and retriever (built in the USA) keeps your knife attached to you
  • Super Grip handle for safety and improved handling
  • One handed lock blade operation for quick maneuvering
  • Blunt end to prevent punctures of you or your boat
  • The Swift Cut Knife is ultra lightweight at 4.5 oz (127g)
  • High grade 440C stainless steel blade
  • Easy to find barrel thumb button to open the blade
  • Textured lock release
  • Holster included


  • Length: 4.5″ (11.4cm) folded, 7.75″(19.7cm) open
  • Width: 1.375″ (3.3cm) widest point
  • Depth: .635″ (1.6cm)
  • Blade: 3″ (7.5cm) total length, Fine 2″ (5.0cm), Serrated 1″ (2,5cm)



Simple DIY Fishing Cart

Carts make transporting tackle easier!

Now this is by no means a big cart, but if you like to wander down to the fishing docks that are at many of the lowland lakes in the greater Seattle area, a cart to carry your rod, reel and bucket or small cooler can come in pretty handy.  This one is especially nice because it is compact and collapsible so it doesn’t take up much room in your car or closet.

If you decide to make one of these fishing carts, be sure to leave a comment or send in a picture of your setup!

Win a The Snip form Boomerang Tool!

You Like Free Fishing Tools Right?

Would you like to get a free The Snip from the Boomerang Tool Company?  Then all you need to do is be on our mailing list and be lucky!  At the end of January we will give away a The Snip with an LED light to one member of our mailing list.

The SNIP fishing tool and line cutter

These are cool little tools on retractable cords that will cut mono or braided line, and is built for fishing even with gloves on, and has an LED light for when you are trying to work on line in the dark winter hours.

Not patient enough or don’t trust your luck?  Then you can always order a The Snip for yourself!

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New Flounder Lures – Nekid Ball Jigz

Nekid Ball Jigz for fishing for Puget Sound Flounder, Sole and Halibut

Flounder LuresI am always up for for finding new lures so why not a new flounder lure?  Besides, how could I not write a post that talks about throwing nekid balls into cold, cold water…

We got several questions on what we were using in one of our first videos where we were fishing for Flounder and Sole and at the time we were using chunks of Herring, but I wouldn’t mind giving Nekid Ball Jigz a shot as a Flounder lure.

What makes Nekid Ball Jigz good Flounder Lures?

Quick change high quality components allow the angler to adjust the weight of the NBJ based on water depth and tidal conditions or switch out the hand tied salt water tough Kevlar hi-vis teaser to a color – flash pattern that works with the water clarity and feeding patterns of your target species.

Glow-Hot colors allow anglers to quickly “charge” the NBJ under a light source like you would your glow flashers and fish on into the night or use them in the pre-dawn “Magic Hours” just before sunrise.

Under water light sources are recognized fish attractors and not seen in most traditional Puget Sound Flounder lures.  The Nekid Ball Jigz provides anglers with a glow color selection sure to attract the most finicky of fish.

The 360 degree swivel action of the hi-vis teaser drives hungry predators wild.

Increased casting distances provided by the Nekid Ball Jigz allows you to cover more water, improving your chances of finding fish.

Puget Sound Flounder Half Eaten
Usually when we catch Flounder and Sole it is when we are trolling and sometimes we don’t even get all of them up!

How are Nekid Ball Jigz Made?

All Nekid Ball Jigz are Hand Poured “Ball Jigs” using stainless steel or bronze eyelets with Superior Glow In the Dark Powder Coatings. Heavy duty dual split ring swivels combined with Super Strong Kevlar wrapped hand tied Hi-Vis Teasers on 2/0 hooks then finished with a reverse attached ultra short shank 4x Strong stinger hook.

I really like the fact that they not only have a wide selection of weights and colors, but a couple of options for hooks as well.  As Flounder lures, you can order the size and hook combination you want to match the fish you are hunting.  Most off the rack hooks suck and come in one size, so this is nice!

Want to get some Nekid Ball Jigz for Flounder Fishing?

I’m pretty sure you aren’t going to find any of these Flounder lures in the local stores, so swing on over to the Nekid Ball Jigz website at and pick a few up.  If you do, be sure to shoot us some comment and even a picture or two of what you catch!

Note:  These aren’t just Flounder lures either!  You can obviously catch Sole and other bottom fish with them and if you upsize a bit, you can even use them as Halibut lures!

Want your product or service featured on Fishing with Cliff?

If you have a fishing or camping product or service that you would like to see featured on our site, run over to our contact page and let us know!  If you really want to make us all squishy happy inside, hook us up with something to test out and write about.


Top 5 Trout Lures for Trolling Lowland Lakes

In some of my previous posts, I have mentioned that in the Fall I like to troll the lowland lakes for trout.  This always raises a few eyebrows, but trolling lowland lakes for trout can be very productive this time of year.  If you are going to get out on the water and try and bring home some trout, here are my Top 5 Trout Lures when trolling lowland lakes.

Favorite Trout Lure #5 – Fat Spoons

Most of the lowland lakes are pretty stained, so fish have to rely on smell or vibration to find your lure.  Wide spoons create more ‘thump’ in the water and can pull fish from a longer distance, and can be trolled extra slow.

Favorite Trout Lure #4 – Rooster Tail

Always a go-to lure, Rooster Tail spinners can sometimes produce when other lures are not pulling strikes.  Colors for me are white or black with at least a little red.  Again, the stained water you are fishing is going to limit the colors the fish can see until the last second, so contrasts are important!

Favorite Trout Lure #3 – Panther Martin Spinner

I know it is probably redundant to go with a spinner again in the #3 spot for favorite trout lures, but Panther Martin lures produce.  My guess is that the french style spinner gives a slightly different vibration that those trout love.

Favorite Trout Lure #2 – Wedding Rings

This is Thomas’ go to lure when we are on lakes.  Typically we stick with green or red and don’t need to get fancy.  A wedding ring with some worm on the hook may not knock the fish out of the park, but will almost always produce at least a few fish.

#1 Favorite Trout Lure for Trolling Lowland Lakes – Jointed Fire Tiger Rapala

This is absolutely my #1, tie it on first lure when I hit the water.  Usually I tie on a small FireTiger Pattern Rapala using a jig loop knot as we are pulling away from the launch.  It is quick and easy to get in the water, and in the early morning light, it almost always pick up one or two trout on it immediately.

So there are my top 5 choices for trout lures when I am trolling lowland lakes.  I would love to get your input on what your favorite lures are.  Disagree with me on the best lures to be using when you are trolling for trout?  Post your top 5 trout lures in the comments!

Map of Seattle Fishing Tackle Stores

Looking for a fishing tackle store in the Seattle area?

For fun I thought I would start putting together a map of Seattle fishing tackle stores.  Now I know I don’t even know half of the places out there, so if you own a fly fishing shop, tackle store, boat shop with bait and lures, whatever, post a reply here or send us some mail and I will see that it gets on the map!

Leave your comments about fishing stores!

Do we need to know about a Seattle store that isn’t on our list?  What stores do you think are best for what species?  Which store has the best staff?  Post your comments and let everyone know!

Seattle Fishing Tackle Stores Map

View Seattle Area Fishing Tackle Shops & Stores in a larger map