Colville Tribe Ignores Court Orders Over Lake Roosevelt Authority

This is a Good Example of Why I Have a Dim View of Native Tribes

I know my opinion is not politically correct in this day and age, but when the Colville tribe decides to flex its muscles with fishermen, ticketing them when they don’t have any right to, I get a bit irritated.  Here is an article from The Columbian about the ongoing fight between the state of Washington and the Colville tribe over who controls fishing on Lake Roosevelt.

Read through it and let me know if you agree that if the Indian tribes are going to abuse the laws, maybe they should get their special rights taken away and we level the playing field.

Lake Roosevelt anglers continue to be caught in the crossfire of boundary disagreements between the state of Washington and the Colville Confederated Tribes.

According to new wording in the recently published Washington Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet, anglers fishing the Sanpoil Arm of Lake Roosevelt are in legal limbo unless they buy both state and tribal fishing licenses.

For the first time, the state regulations pamphlet specifically says a Washington state fishing license is required for non-Indian anglers but “anglers may be checked by tribal enforcement officers for a tribal license.”

“The new wording in the pamphlet simply reflects what we’ve been telling fishermen for years when they call the office for clarification,” said Madonna Luers, WDFW spokeswoman in Spokane.

Washington Fish and Wildlife Department officials say a state license is all an angler needs.

Colville Tribal officials contend they have jurisdiction in the Sanpoil arm and that tribal license is required.

When similar disagreement between anglers and tribal officers came to a head in 1994, Joe Cassidy of Davenport, Wash., pursued his arrest by tribal police and by taking the U.S. government to court.

The court ruled in favor of Cassidy, noting the Colville and Spokane tribes do not have authority under the existing U.S. laws to regulate fishing by non-Indians in Lake Roosevelt waters below the elevation of 1,310 feet.

The state stands by the ruling as clear legal backing for jurisdiction and access.

But the Colville Tribe has continued to press legal angles that occasionally frustrate anglers and state Fish and Wildlife officials alike.

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Olympic Fly Fishing

The Olympics Should Include Fishing!

I must admit that I don’t pay much attention to Olympic sports, but as I flip through the list of sports for the 2012 games in London, it seems to me that they should include fishing!  After all, they have Badminton, which amounts to a backyard game.

Why Fly Fishing as an Olympic Sport?

fly fishingMy feeling is that an Olympic Sport should be relatively universal, easy to pick up and difficult to truly master.  Fishing is exactly that and fly fishing even more so!  Virtually every country on the planet has some place to fish, and the starting equipment is not pricy.  Plus, fishing is one of our most ancient sports, dating back at least a good 40,000 years or so.

But Cliff, Don’t You Pick on Fly Fishing?

Of course I do, but the reality is that as a technique, fly fishing is very effective and damn near applicable to all species.  There are ultralight fly rods and popper for pan fish, super sensitive Trout rods and muddlers for wary Rainbows, and monster spay rods for when you want to hurl a lure half a mile down the stream and give yourself a full body workout.

Olympic Fly Fishing Would be Good For Conservation.

Most fly fishing enthusiasts are catch and release people, and the media attention around Olympic Fly Fishing would be great for getting people’s attention on the importance of improving the environment and protecting their native fisheries.  Besides if a country was going to host a summer Olympics that included fishing, they would have to have at least one river or lake that had healthy fish stocks!

Olympic Fishing Would Be Educational.

Think about it.  If Olympic Fly Fishing happened, it would be a great opportunity for commentators to talk about the river or lake they were fishing on, the species of fish found there, insect life and so on.  There is no better way to educate people than to slip it in while they aren’t looking.

 After the Olympics Were Over There Would Be Lasting Benefits.

Many times the facilities built to hold Olympic athletes and host the games are of little use to the host city and nation, but a waterway that had been brought back to life, and a public that had been educated on why they need to protect their rivers and lakes is priceless!  Plus, consider the tourist dollar opportunities in having people being able to fish an Olympic Games River.  People would pay to stand in the same spot and fish as they saw their nation’s best cast a fly.

Will We Ever See Olympic Fly Fishing?

I doubt it, but we can always hope.  Of course if you happen to be on the Olympic Committee that decides these things, let me just say PLEASE let us have fishing as an Olympic Sport!  If you do I promise to stop picking on Badminton.

No Complaints About Bikini Baristas in Snohomish County

Has the dust finally settled on the Bikini Barista War?

Have the conservatives gone to sleep?  Do they really see a skimpy bikini as that much better than a skimpy bra?  What happened?  Fist girls selling coffee while barely clothed was the end of civilization itself and now there are no complaints?

Perhaps all the bitchy old women and feminazis have found something better to bitch about.  In any case, an article from the Associated Press is running around proclaiming that since the ‘crack down’ on scantily clad baristas there have been no more complaints.  Hell, I wasn’t complaining before!

You may at this point be wondering why on a fishing blog, Cliff is rambling on about bikini baristas in Snohomish county.  Well, to answer that, I must point out that when we are going out fishing at O-Dark-Thirty in the morning, we need any stimulation we can get and coffee is a great start.  A cute half naked girl serving it too us doesn’t hurt either.

Does that make me a sexist pig? May be, but for me it is a gentle reminder that the world hasn’t beaten the last of my testosterone and manhood out of me yet.

So to you girls that are willing to be up before the sun and serve me a hot cup of over priced coffee while standing half naked in a window during the Winter months, we at Fishing with Cliff salute you!