Review of the Saltwater Fishing Journal by John Martinis

Find out where and how to fish Puget Sound

The Saltwater Fishing Journal by John Martinis is a fairly comprehensive book on how to fish for salmon, crabs, bottom fish and halibut in Puget Sound.  Loads of maps and instructions make it particularly useful.

Saltwater Fishing Journal

Saltwater Fishing Journal

Summary of the Saltwater Fishing Journal

The Saltwater Fishing Journal is a compilation of maps and articles that cover all the basics for fishing Puget Sound.  It covers Blackmouth/Chinook fishing, Coho fishing, Pink/Humpy fishing, Halibut fishing, crabbing and even shrimping.  If you are new to fishing Puget Sound, this book covers at least to a cursory degree, everything you need to know to catch fish (or crabs).

What I like about the Saltwater Fishing Journal

The Saltwater Fishing Journal does an adequate job of covering all the basic info a new fisherman needs to get started on Puget Sound.  The maps showing where to fish for what are quite helpful.  Lastly, the spiral binding is also a real plus because you can open the whole book up and leave it sitting where you want it for reference.

What I don’t like about the Saltwater Fishing Journal

My only real complaint with the Saltwater Fishing Journal is that it is more or less a compilation of lots of articles written over the years.  The information is still good, but there isn’t much of a cohesive flow from one chunk to the next and there is some repetition.  Not enough though to warrant  not picking up a copy.

Last thoughts on this book

We have been kicking our copy of the Saltwater Fishing Journal around for a few years now since we first reviewed it.  Since then it has been on many outings, gotten wet several times and even been loaned out for a while and then brought back.  You can take that as a testament to how useful it has been!

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Review of Big Trout by Bernie Taylor

Learn all the secrets for catching giant trout!

Anyone can learn to put planter Rainbow Trout in their bucket, but learning to track down and catch truly giant trout takes a lot of knowledge and skill.  You can either spend years on the water learning by trial or error or you can read  Big Trout by Bernie Taylor and get a head start on catching trophy trout!

The book on how to catch BIG trout
Ready to get serious about catching BIG Trout? Read this book!

 Big Trout

Summary of Big Trout

Big Trout is a scientific breakdown of how to find and catch trophy trout. From where they can be found to what trophy trout eat, how to fish for them and when to fish for them, Bernie Taylor goes over every detail that you will need to catch that once in a lifetime trout.

What I like about Big Trout

The completeness of Big Trout’s approach to catching trophy trout is what really stands out.  A lifetime of tracking trout is squeezed into the ~280 pages of this book.  Bernie Taylor does a great job of covering all the details of what you need to know to put you in a position to catch epic trout.

Unlike a lot of fishing books, Big Trout isn’t a collection of reprinted articles or stale reprints of old books.  Bernie gives us a logically laid out book that covers all the bases of trophy trout fishing.

What I don’t like about Big Trout

There isn’t a lot about Big Trout I don’t like.  The book is a bit stilted towards fly fishing, which I understand to a certain degree.  As a life long caster of metal and bait, I am a bit loathe to give way to fly fishing as the ideal way to catch trophy trout.  Time will tell if it can be done on my preferred hardware.

Last thoughts on this book

If you have catching trophy trout on your list of things to do before you die, then I definitely would suggest you pick up a copy of Big Trout.  If all you are ever going to target is planter trout in stocked lakes, you can let it go by.  It is too technical and sophisticated for those fish.

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