Trolling for Chinook Salmon 101

Learn all the basics of trolling for Chinook Salmon

trolling for chinook salmon ebookWe are really excited to have released our first ebook and with Chinook salmon season under way, it is most appropriate!

Trolling for Chinook Salmon 101 is a quick guide to get you started hooking into King Salmon in the waters of Puget Sound and Western Washington.

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Trolling for Chinook Salmon 101

King salmon still in northern and central Puget Sound

King Salmon Fishing in Puget Sound Ain’t Over Yet!

report on King Salmon in Puget sound.
According to the WDFW test fishing boat (how do you get that job anyway?) there are still king salmon to be caught in central and northern Puget Sound.  Thomas and I were out Sunday, and thought the water was beautiful, the waters off Possession Bar were not turning out any fish for us or the boats we could see.

Mark Yuasa the fishing reporter for the Seattle Times had better luck than us the previous week with two fish on his trip, but apparently the WDFW boys have it dialed in as they were telling him they caught are released 16 king salmon in two days.  I would love to know what they are doing right!

Sunday, we took the boat out and did a few laps around area 9  hitting the east side of Possession bar, chasing one small school of bait fish, then wandered a bit, fishing the edge of the bar.  Would have been much easier to track if the GPS antenna on our Lowrance wasn’t dead, more on that another time.

Realizing our fuel was low we trucked over to the Port of Kingston and gassed up then started fishing out way up from Apple Cover Point to Point no Point.  Still no fish, though we did manage to hook into someone’s sunken crab pot.  That was soooo fun to get my hook loose from and smelled so good when we got it on deck.  Still no bait fish though.

Starting to be a bit frustrated, we then ran over to the west buoy on Possession Bar where we normally have good luck.  Still nothing.  Finally in hopes of one last shot at a king salmon for dinner, we dropped down to the bottom edge of the bar and trolled north.  Watching the other dejected fishermen we all seemed to be trolling for port in Everett and as we approached the north end of the run we watched one after another pull lines and motor up for port.

The king salmon may still be in Puget Sound, but Sunday they were no where that we could find them.  Hell, even our crab pots came up mostly empty.  May be all the fish took the day off because of the sunshine.

‘Draconian’ chinook cuts loom for anglers in BC

Chinook Salmon Fishing BCLooks like the people that oversee fishing in BC are no more level headed than they are here in the states.  Instead of going after commercial or tribal fishing, they attack recreational fishermen when fish stocks start to drop.

Fishermen in Greater Victoria are reeling after being told the Department of Fisheries and Oceans is looking at “draconian” restrictions on the summer Chinook salmon fishery in Juan de Fuca Strait.

Members of the Victoria-South Island Sport Fishing Advisory Board and industry representatives, who took part in a conference call with DFO Friday, say plans to further restrict or even close the Chinook fishery in the peak season of June, July and August could cause the collapse of the southern Vancouver Island sports fishing industry.

“Our backs are against the wall. Any more cuts will be the death of our fishery,” said Martin Paish, general manager of Pedder Bay RV Resort and Marina.

Via the Times Colonist

WDFW to rebuilt wild stock of Chinook on the Cowlitz River

OLYMPIA – With a strong run of fall chinook salmon returning to the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery, state fishery managers plan to transport up to 5,000 hatchery fish upriver and release them upriver above the last of three dams on the Cowlitz River.

Spawning Chinook Salmon
Can the WDFW reestablish the Chinook spawning grounds on the upper Cowlitz?

Starting this week, tanker trucks carrying adult chinook will make daily trips from the salmon hatchery to the release site above the dam, said Jim Scott, assistant director for WDFW’s Fish Program. The relocation effort, funded by Tacoma Power, is expected to continue into December.

“This is just the first step in restoring naturally spawning fall chinook salmon stocks upriver from the Cowlitz Falls Dam,” Scott said. “We’re already working to reintroduce spring chinook salmon, coho salmon and winter steelhead to the upper Cowlitz River. This is a good time to move ahead with fall chinook as well.”

WDFW is predicting a record return of 14,000 hatchery-reared fall chinook to the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery this year, and actual returns are tracking closely with that forecast, said Pat Frazier, WDFW regional fish manager for southwest Washington. Continue reading WDFW to rebuilt wild stock of Chinook on the Cowlitz River

Colville Confederated Tribes’ Selective Salmon Harvest

While I am normally one to bash the hell out of tribal fishing practices, I have to say that it is nice to see at least one tribe making an effort to change their fishing methods to protect the native Chinook Salmon on the Columbia river.  For the last three years, thanks to funding from the Bonneville Power Administration, the Colville Tribes have been experimenting with a new selective commercial Salmon harvesting method.  Check it out!

If more tribes actually made and effort to save the Salmon, I would probably quit yelling about it so much.  I would love to get anyone’s input on this program and if it is going to work, or if it is just for show.