Puget Sound Coho Fishing

Coho Fishing in Puget Sound is Still Kicking!

Would really like to get our butts out on the water as the reports that are coming in are really good.  Great weather and no rain means the fish are holding up in the sound, waiting for river levels to rise before moving up.

Jeff Mayor of the The News Tribune has this to say:

North Coast: The best salmon fishing last week was off La Push, where anglers averaged 1.15 fish per person. Most of the fish were coho. At Neah Bay, the catch rate dropped to .85 salmon per person.

North Sound: The coho fishing has been excellent in recent weeks, in fact the best it has been in several years. The stretch from Browns Bay south to the Marine Area 10 line has been a great spot. Farther north, try Naketa Beach, Shipwreck and Picnic points.

South Sound: The salmon fishing has been fairly good. In the past week about 75 chinook have been landed. There also has been a pretty high count of coho being caught, more than 150 were counted in the last week by checkers. Fishing has been good from Browns Point to Three Tree Point. Try spoons like Coho Killer or Kingfisher behind a Break Away flasher.

So if you have been waiting to get out and go fishing, this is the weekend to do it!  Once it rains they will all scatter up the rivers.
Have you been catching them already?  Drop a comment here or send us in a trophy shot of what you have brought in and we will get it posted!

How deep to troll for Coho Salmon

How deep should you fish for Coho?

Sometimes the ideas for posts come from the search terms that people find our site with.  In this case it is “coho fishing depth” which to me sounded like a great post!  Most of this is geared toward trolling for Coho in the Puget Sound area, but should apply to other areas as well.


Coho Trolling Depths

Coho are less structure oriented than their Chinook brethren which works to fishermen’s benefit in that they don’t go screaming for the bottom at first light. How deep depends on what time of day it is.

Predawn Coho Fishing

I would stay really shallow and if you are hitting the grounds early, you may even want to run a small diving plug right at the surface while you are gearing up your lines.  The Coho will also usually be in a little closer to shore, likely making feeding forays into the weeds and shallows.  The right Coho fishing depth when you are trolling is going to be somewhere around 20′ to 25′ in 30′ to 50′ of water.

Morning Coho Fishing

As the sun rises, start moving deeper in 10 increments until you find the fish.  Typically in the later morning and daytime hours, the Coho will be down in 30′ to 60′ of water, holding over the magic 120′ mark.

Pay attention to what is going on

The biggest mistake is not checking your gear often enough, not changing depths as the morning progresses and not watching for obvious places that Coho will want to me.  Tide rips and plants as well as bait ball are still important to Coho, so watch for them.

Good luck with your Coho fishing and I hope that this answers the question of what the ideal Coho Fishing Depth is!

Coho Seminar September 14! (You missed it didn’t you!)

In the Seattle area and want to catch more Coho Salmon this year?

I must admit that I completely spaced off on this seminar until the reminder came in the morning email today.  3 River Marine is putting on FREE seminar or how to catch more Coho Salmon both out on Puget Sound and in the rivers.  Here is the official announcement!

September 14th Coho Seminar:

Featuring doug st. denis of ridge to river outdoors and ryan bigley of three Rivers marine.

  • Wednesday September 14th at 7:00 PM at Three Rivers Marine & Tackle.
  • Come in and learn from the Pros how to catch Saltwater and River Coho!

Learn about:
– Where to go
– What gear to use
– Techniques
– Boat Launches


BIG After Hours Sale:
Sales on Coho Tackle, Rods and Reels
From 6 PM to 9 PM

BBQ Hot Dogs and Pop

Sounds like the place to be tonight, so I will be there!  Hey, we all know how bad my crew is at catching fish, so any help we can get is always welcome!

3 Rivers Marine Coho Seminar 24300 Woodinville-Snohomish Rd.  Woodinville, WA 98072

Canadian Golf Course Turned Salmon Nursery

Bear Mountain Golf Course to start stocking Coho SalmonIt seems the Canadians have found a place to plant more fish. The lakes and streams of the Bear Mountain Golf Resort on southern Vancouver Island. I have to give it to them, it looks like they have done their research and have found a place that most fishermen don’t want to try and drop a line.

I know from experience that it is not fun to fish when you are worried about being clipped in the back of the head by a golf ball. How you ask? Because I have been fishing on the South end of Lake Ballinger, when golf balls have bounced off trees and into the lake.

My hat is off to you resourceful Canadians for finding another place to raise Coho!