Christmas Gifts For Real Men

Christmas Is Coming What Are You Getting Your Guy?

Christmas is fast approaching and you still haven’t gotten that guy you sort of like anything cool and you don’t want to get some generic crap like most people do.  Here is a list of cool Christmas gifts for real men that any guy with hair on his chest and grit in his belly would love to get. Anyone out there that is paying attention, take a hint!  These are of course themed for real men that go out and do things like fishing, hiking, wrestling bears and the like.  No argyle sweaters, trendy hipster crap or wussy guy stuff is allowed around here.

All of these can be found on Amazon, because I know you will have put off shopping for your outdoors guy until the last minute. I know I put my shopping off until the last minute…

Gifts For Real Men #1 – LoopRope for Transporting Fishing Rods

Gifts for guys - LoopRope Does the guy you like go fishing?  Likely he will have same problem I do then, and that is where to store the most expensive part of the outing not counting the vehicles, namely the rods and reels.  If they are old clunkers you can just toss them in the back of the truck or in the boat.  However, if your guy has spend $500 on a rod and reel combo it probably makes him cry to do that.  The LoopRope is really similar to an idea that I cooked up but never  built for holding rods on the ceiling of my van or suspend in the boat.

Check LoopRope Prices On Amazon


Gifts For Real Men #2 – 64oz Stainless Steel Drink Tank Growlers

Gift for guys - Drink Tank growler If your guy likes beer, and lets face it, they had better if they are a real guy, then a wimpy 12oz bottle isn’t going to cut it.  But what do you do about keeping that man size jug of beer cold and carbonated on the way home from the brewery?  The Drink Tank solves that in a manly way.  It is a stainless steel growler that doubles as a man size beer mug, no sharing needed.

The claim is that it can keep a fresh load of beer cold for 12 hours, but no man would let that happen anyway, so the point is moot.  Ditch the fragile glass growlers and get your guy the present of a real growler for Christmas that will keep his favorite brew cold and make it easy to drink at the same time.

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Gifts For Real Men #3 – The Leatherman Skeletool CX

Great gift for a guy - Leatherman Skeletool Just as a hint, if you are buying a gifts for real men then you can never go wrong with knives. Guys like tool and weapons and knives hit both those categories. Leaning more towards the tool side and less on the “I’m going to kill a bear with just my knife” side of thing is the complete line of Leatherman tools.

If your guy is in a pinch without his full tool kit (it happens) then a leatherman is just the thing to have on hand. I always have my close by and it has come in more than handy on several occasions.  The Skeletool line is small enough to carry, but still beefy enough to get some real work done. If your guy doesn’t have one, get one for him now!

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Gifts for Real Men #4 – Sunway P25C Tactical Flashlight

Sunway P25C flashlight gift for guys Guys have to do things in the dark. We crawl down holes, up in attics, look for thing under couches and beds, go fishing at 3am and have to “go down and take a look” when something goes bump in the night.  Most of it we hate because we can’t see shit. You can give your guy the gift of happy and illumination with an awesome flashlight. Not any wussy one off the shelf at Walmart, but one that when we hit the button makes it look like the light of God has shone down on the scene.

Your standard flashlight will put out 50-150 lumens. This bad boy will crank out a full 1000lm.Most high powered flashlights use special batteries because you can’t be awesome with a AA battery. Sufficient maybe, but never awesome. So I suggest you combo this flashlight with the rechargeable 18650 batteries and charger.  One thing is for sure, now when he has to go into the dark looking for something for you, he will be able to find it!

Sunway P25C Flashlight Prices On Amazon


Gift For Real Men #5 – Stanley Coffee Mug

Gift for guys Stanley coffee mug Now not all guys like coffee. I don’t know many, but there are some. That being said, there is nothing that pisses us off more in the morning than to pour a nice hot cup of caffeinated love into our cup, load up all the things we need, hit the road and then take a sip of coffee that is as cold as our last girlfriend.  Solve that problem by getting your guy a really good insulated travel mug.

The Stanley Travel Mug is your best bet at keeping that coffee warm as he heads out into the predawn to go to work or go fishing. Now, it does only hold 16oz. which is enough for most normal people.  But if your guy really likes his hot coffee and will need to reload, you might check out the old school Stanley Thermos. Up to 2 quarts of blistering hot coffee will be at his disposal for up to 24 hours. SERIOUSLY!

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There you have it, 5 gifts that any real man would love to get. Have a comment or have a gift we should have included here? Post a comment below and let us know.

Free Country

Anchor Pulling Ring Review

If You Anchor Your Boat Then An Anchor Puller Is Essential

Anchor pulling ring
An anchor pulling ring plus the float, makes getting your anchor back up MUCH easier!

Last year was the first time that the FWC crew took a stab at Puget Sound Halibut fishing.  It was a great learning experience.  Does that sum up our lack of catching any Halibut well enough.  We did learn some things though and one was the need to have an anchor puller.  With 300’+ of rope out and anchoring in ~200′ of water, pulling a muck covered anchor up sucks.  I should know, since as the biggest guy on the boat, I generally did it.  This year I solved that problem using a an anchor pulling ring.

We watched other people out there using buoys as were baffled at first as to what they were for.  Quite honestly we never anchor the big boat up other then when we are halibut fishing, so we had no experience with it and anchoring the little boat doesn’t really require one.

This Year We Got Smarter About Pulling Anchors

As we started gearing up for this year, an anchor puller was high on my list and I like simple, so my choice was an anchor pulling ring.  Obviously there are no moving parts to break, fail, seize up and so on.  I like that!

An alternative design anchor puller
A different style of anchor puller.

Secondly, anchor pulling rings are relatively inexpensive and about half of what the more fancy ones cost.

Third is that a ring style anchor puller doesn’t have to be put on the line before you anchor up. Half the time we are still asleep when we are going fishing it is so damn early and the last thing we need is to forget to thread the anchor puller on.

Fourth is that they anchor pulling ring is pretty forgiving.  Honestly this time out we had to add some rope to our anchor line to replace some that we lost and the knot we used to join them was efficient, but not what I would call mariner pretty.   I know it would never go through the fancier anchor pullers, but the ring didn’t care about our fist full of knotted rope.

Anchor Puller Buoys

The other essential part of this rig is a float of some kind, typically a 11-18″ buoy with a short piece of rope and a clip.  The stores all sell nice red ones and honestly you can save a few bucks by ordering online.   In fact, you can buy whole anchor pulling ring assemblies online for only about $80 but I am a cheap bastard and assembled my own.

After looking at the price of buoys and comparing it to what I was already spending the year in replacing equipment and buying a halibut spear, I figured I could just use an old fender that we found a few years ago.  It was fairly big an I figured it would float the little anchor we use just fine.

If you want something fancier for a buoy to put on your anchor pulling ring that is fine, I can see why you wouldn’t want an ugly old float on yours LOL.

Pulling Double Duty

That is a pun there… Ok, fine a lousy pun.  But since we are halibut fishing, we needed a buoy to go on the line for the halibut spear as well.  A quick change clip and the same float works for pulling the anchor and bringing in the halibut that we will eventually (hopefully) catch!

Easy To Use Anchor Puller

One of the things I like most about the ring and float anchor pullers is that they are easy to use.  When it is time to go, simply slip the ring over the line, clip on the float and motor past your anchor at about a 30 degree angle.  The resistance of the float in the water levers the anchor up out of the sea floor and pulls the line through the ring.  When it hits the top, you simply stop and reel it in.  No more back breaking pulling.  I love it!!!

Where To Buy Anchor Pullers

You can find anchor pullers in most stores, but I prefer to shop online and save some money.  It is up to you if you want to pay a little more to support your local store or if you want to save your money and spend your savings locally on more fishing tackle.  The second is usually my choice.

Wherever you decide to shop, I highly suggest you get an anchor pulling ring.  They are a back saver!

Tulalip Cabela’s Hiring Management Positions

Apply for management jobs now at the new Tulalip Cabela's
The Tulalip Cabela's has posted job openings for managers!

Tulalip Cabela’s Has Posted Job Openings in Marysville.

I have a couple of friends that I know are just waiting to try and get on at the new Tulalip Cabela’s as soon as they start hiring.  Right now it looks like they are just hiring management, but I can only assume that once they get all those people in place the rest of the staff will be selected.

Right now I believe they are on track for an April 2012 opening of their slightly smaller than average 110,000-square-foot store in Quil Ceda Village.

“We’re going to move with a purpose,” said tribal Chairman Mel Sheldon. “We’re keeping our fingers crossed” for an April opening.

Jamie Gull of Cabela’s said the company “isn’t pinning down an exact date” but wants to open in the spring.

“We’re excited to be here,” he said, noting that the Quil Ceda Village site along I-5 “is a great location with fantastic visibility off the freeway.”

If you are wanting to work at the Tulalip Cabela’s I would definitely get your resume in now or bookmark the Cabela’s job search page and keep checking in for positions that you might want!

Cabela’s to Open Tulalip, WA Store in 2012.

YES! Cabela’s is going to open a new store in Quil Ceda Village in 2012.

New Cabelas will be opening in Tulalip, WA
A new Cabela's store to be opening in 2012 at the Quil Ceda Village in Tulalip, WA

I will save you the canned press release promo crap that all the papers are reprinting.  The rumor has been out there that Cabela’s was finally going to open up a store on the north side of Seattle, but now it is official.  I love how the press release hypes the general are and everyone just chugs happily along promoting it.  But I digress.

Cabela’s – synonymous with ‘a whole lot of outdoor shopping’.

If you have been to the Cabela’s store in Lacey (or any of the Cabela’s stores) you know they are BIG.  The Tulalip Cabela’s will be an impressive 110,000 square feet, which should put it on par with the Home Depot that is up there if you want something to compare it to.

Tulalip is a logical choice for Cabela’s

OK it is good press to put the new Cabela’s in Tulalip and they make a repeated effort to point out that this is the first Cabela’s on tribal land and that Tulalip is the first federally recognized tribal city in the country.  The reality is that they probably get some great tax breaks for being on tribal land.

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