Cascade Musky Association

The Cascade Musky Association promoting Tiger Musky Fishing in Washington State

Cascade Muskie Association WebsiteDid you know that there is a group dedicated to Muskie fishing in Washington State? Neither did I until I ran across it this morning.  If you didn’t know, Tiger Muskellunge are a sterile hybrid between Norther Pike and Musky.

These fish grow fast and are prized by anglers.  Apparently Tiger Muskies are planted in seven Washington lakes, Tapps, Mayfield, Merwin, Evergreen, Silver, Newman and Curlew.

The Cascade Musky Association promotes 100% catch and release, which is important since these fish don’t reproduce naturally.

Muskyellunge weight to lenth chart
Musky are known for their fast growth rate.

If you fish for Musky in Washington state then I definitely suggest that you get in touch with these guys.  As you probably are well enough aware of, getting the state to do anything takes a lot of people talking at them, and by joining up in a group, it will be easier to get the state to maintain their Tiger Musky stocking program.

Chart via: Wikipedia