20# Salmon Stolen Off Fisherman’s Line By Mystery Predator

As If Seals Stealing Salmon Wasn’t Bad Enough…

A video recently posted online shows Thomas Tran reeling in what looks to be a pretty nice salmon off the coast of Canada when something rockets from the deep dark waters to snatch his prize from him. I’m used to the hazards of seals and sea lions stealing salmon and I’ve seen video of killer whales doing it too, but what is this?

The clip is short at about 30 seconds originally and it runs through the attack once, and it is quick, at normal speed and then again at half speed.  For a moment you see the salmon working to get away, then something rises up and munches the salmon in one bite.  Tran’s line snaps shortly after that.

Sturgeon Or Shark Stealing This Salmon?

The two things that have been put forth as the culprit are sturgeon and sharks.  Sturgeon are definitely big enough to go after a salmon, but to me, this doesn’t look like one.  To me, that smooth tan skin looks like a shark and there are sharks up in the northern waters.

A shark stealing a salmon off someone’s line? Happens down in Florida so why not up here in the north as well?

Trout Eat Mice?

Do Trout Eat Mice?

Honestly I’ve heard of Bass eating just about anything they can wrap their mouths around, including mice.  But as for a  Cutthroat Trout eating a mouse, that is something I’d never heard of until now.  This shot comes from a fairly old Field & Stream article, but I just ran across it. A photo of a Cutthroat trout with a mouse down its throat is something I’d never have figured I’d see.

Cutthroat trout eats a mouse

Pretty amazing shot, but I’d give that fish a 50/50 chance it won’t survive its gastronomic selection.  Still, it is an amazing shot and proves what I’ve always said that any given species will often eat things that people say they don’t.  I mean why else would trout eat corn?

“Should Have Been Here Yesterday” Music Video

How many time have you had someone tell you this?

Actually for us it is “You should have been here last week.”  Of my other favorite is “they will be in in two weeks.”  Funny world we live in where everything is always two weeks away…  But back to the subject at hand, here is  fishing music video that resonates with that woeful statement of “you should have been here yesterday” that all of us so love!

Check out the rest of the fishing songs Chuck does.

This track is off the album Songs to Catch Fish With by Chuck Buser.  Pretty family friendly stuff and all fishy themed.


Giant Mystery Fish Found Off Kona

Oar Fish Or Something Else?

The question is raging about what the giant headless fish that Capt. Dale Leverone of the Sea Strike found floating in the ocean recently.  Regardless of what this cryptid fish may be, it points out quite clearly that we truly don’t have a clue as to what all is swimming in our deep dark oceans!

Giant Headless Fish Found Off KonaThe fish was about 7′ long, silver and was scaleless.  The initial conclusion that is was an Oarfish was discarded because Oarfish have a red crest on their back and more markings.

A large OarFish

While their body structure is similar, they aren’t the same.  So what was the mystery fish that they found in those Hawaiian waters?  The answer will likely never be known as the captain filleted the fish up, it was still fresh and bleeding, and tossed the rest of the carcass overboard!  Probably not the wises move ever…

My favorite part of this story is that they intended to eat some of it, but that it turned gelatinous when they tried to cook it.

If you would like to read more I suggest you read GrindTV’s blog post on it, as well as check out the rest of the photo graphs taken by Jon Schwarts, the photographer that was on board!

You Think It Is Hard Fishing Without a Boat?

Funny Fishing Photo of the Week

Next time you find yourself wanting to go fishing and are bitching because you don’t have a boat or because the boat isn’t running, remember these guys.

Fishing from poles in the water.

Now I am guessing that they have to go out and set their poles up before the tide comes in, then scramble up and wait for fish to go by.  Think guerrilla fishing on the river was bad?  There is a whole picket line of these guys just sitting out there five feet apart.

native fishing from poles

Now to make matters worse I bet they don’t even have anyplace to store some beer or go take a leak.  Bet if they get off their perches before the prime fishing is over their buddies give them hell for disturbing the fish.  So the next time you want to go fishing and are bitching about not having a boat remember these pictures!

Sea Monster’s Eyeball Found on Florida Beach!

What ate a sea monster off a Florida beach?

While most accounts of this story are wondering what sort of sea monster this giant eyeball is, my real question is what was big enough to eat it?  In case you haven’t seen this story already, a few days ago beachcomber Gino Covacci a large blue, grapefruit-sized eyeball  as he walked on Pompano Beach, near Fort Lauderdale.  Now biologists from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission are trying to identify what sea creature fit came out of.

While it is all fine and good to discover what sea creature this eyeball came out of, the reality is that something did it in and that usually is done by something BIGGER than whatever you have found dead. While it should be pretty straight forward to run some DNA testing on the eyeball and decide what it came out of, answering my question of what ate the creature the eyeball came out of, will be a whole lot harder!

Fish Eats Wakeboarder’s Finger on Priest Lake

Photo Courtesy of: USFWS Mountain Praire

Priest Lake is my old stomping grounds so this story about a Lake Trout eating a wakeboarder’s finger especially caught my attention.  Take a read of the article from the Spokane paper and I will see you at the bottom of the post!

When Haans Galassi of Colbert got a call from the Bonner County sheriff this morning, he had a feeling he knew what it was about.

“The sheriff called me and told me he had a strange story to tell me,” said the 31-year-old project manager for a Sandpoint-based software developer.

“He said that a fisherman was out on Priest Lake, and I pretty much knew exactly what he was going to say at that point,” Galassi said.

“I was like: Let me guess, they found my fingers in a fish.”

The lake trout caught Sept. 11 yielded just one of the four fingers he lost seven weeks earlier in a wakeboarding accident on the North Idaho lake.

Galassi actually had joked – prophetically, it turns out – about such an outcome when people asked if the severed fingers could have been reattached to his left hand.

“I’m like, no, I couldn’t find them. They’re gone, you know; they’re fish food at the bottom of the lake,” he said.

Nolan Calvin, who lives in the Rathdrum-Twin Lakes area, was fishing on the west side of Priest Lake when he pulled out a large lake trout. When he began to clean the fish, he found what looked like a human finger inside.

Calvin put the finger on ice and reported it to the sheriff’s office. Detectives discovered there was sufficient ridge detail to obtain a latent fingerprint and were able to match it to a fingerprint card for Galassi. The Idaho State Police Forensic Services Laboratory in Meridian, Idaho, confirmed the identity.

The fish was caught about 8 miles north of where the accident occurred on June 21, the sheriff’s office said.

The finger was in remarkably good condition, Sheriff’s Detective Sgt. Gary Johnston said today.

“I was really impressed with that part of it. You fall asleep in your bathtub or hot tub, you come out and your fingers are all puckered up and prune-like. And it wasn’t like that,” Johnston said.

Galassi, an experienced wakeboarder, was on a camping trip at Kalispell Island when he took a turn on the board. He said his hand got caught in a loop created by slack in the line and he couldn’t pull it out before the line tightened.

When he finally broke free, he didn’t feel much pain. But then he checked his hand.

“I pulled my hand out of the water and it had pretty much lopped off all four fingers,” he said. “It was a lot of flesh and bone, not a lot of blood. I told my friends our camping trip is going to be cut short because I ripped my fingers off.”

They pulled him into the boat, wrapped his hand in a towel and sped to Hills Resort. From there paramedics took him by helicopter to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane.

“I was just thankful it didn’t pull whole hand off,” Galassi said.

He has been undergoing hand therapy twice a week, getting used to textures and using his injured hand. He still has half of his index and pointer fingers.

“I can still grip things and grab and hold the steering wheel with it,” Galassi said.

The sheriff’s office offered to return the finger to Galassi, but he declined.

“I’m like, uhhh, I’m good,” he said.

Johnston said the agency will keep the digit for a few weeks just in case Galassi changes his mind.

“There’s still three more, too,” he noted. “It’s hard to say where those are going to end up.”

Source: Spokesman Review

I must admit that this is one damn strange story, but I can totally see it happening if he lost them in the right spot.  Priest Lake is deep, dark and cold and some pretty hungry Lake Trout haunt the bottom of it.  What you have to wonder now is if they have gotten the taste of human flesh, if they will turn into man eaters.  I kid of course…  Or do I???

Guangdong Sea Monster Washed Ashore

A 55 feet long sea monster has been found on the seashore of Guangdong, China.

OK, so I have been doing some looking around and so far this is the only picture that I have found of this 55′ long mystery fish that has washed up on the shore in China.  Seriously? In this day in age I would think there would be dozens of pictures on the net of this thing.

Guangdong Sea MonsterAs per all the news stories:

According to a local newspaper, the big fish weighs at least 10,000 pounds.

Hwang, a 66-years-old fisherman living in the near area, said he has never seen anything like this in his whole life and that the fish was tied with ropes when it was first found.

Many people have flocked to see this strange specimen since its discovery, although its rotting corpse already emits a foul smell.

The people living in the area think the fish was caught by some fisherman but was abandoned due to its heavy weight, hence the ropes.

Due to the serious decay of the fish’s body, it is almost impossible to identify the species, according to the local newspaper.

The fish was discovered on April 25th.

The question still remains though, what the hell was it?  Is it a badly decomposed Whale Shark or some other beastie of the deep ocean we have never seen before?

Holy Shit Moment As Big Shark Eats a Little Shark

Amazing Shark Eats Shark Video!

What do you get when you mix a small boat and a couple teenage boys fishing for sharks?  Well, if you couldn’t see this one coming then you may want to spend some time at the mall and refresh yourself on what being a teenager is.  Luckily one of them had a camera and a cool head to film this awesome shark eats shark video.  And of course the color commentary is by the freaked out bitch of the group.

What we also get to see the classic group of boys.  There is the the cool headed one (on the camera), the crazy buddy (chumming) and ‘freak out’ kid (hard to miss him).

Shark eats Shark as teen boys scream in panic
Teen boy panics like a bitch as a bigger shark eats a smaller one right next to their boat.

When things get interesting about a minute and a half in,  there is a whole lot of “Oh my God”s  and “fuck” language going on, and probably at least one pair of soiled underwear.  Though if this was our crew in this situation, it would probably sound VERY similar.  But seriously, what is up with the dude chumming the shark?

Shark Eats Shark Video

I have seen this referred to as the double rainbow of shark videos and I must admit that you don’t often get to see a big shark eating a little shark like that, while simultaneously making a boat load of teenage boys shit their pants!