Fishing Puget Sound For Salmon

Fishing in Puget Sound offers a diverse range of fish as well as some of the longest fishing seasons you will find anywhere in Washington state.

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For us Puget Sound is primarily for fishing its many Salmon runs.  With Coho, Chinook, Sockeye and Pink Salmon to be had there are few times when there aren’t at least some fish coming through.  Unless of course the Indians have been netting them all again.  To make things better you also can’t forget that there is ample Crabbing and Shrimping seasons.  Nothing is better than really fresh Crab with a little butter!

Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
Fishing Seasons & Regs!

Fishing Puget Sound – Know your Salmon!

With the wide variety of Salmon swimming in Puget Sound and the very distinct regulations for each one, it is essential that when you are fishing in Puget Sound, that you know exactly what each Salmon (or other fish) looks like and if it is in season!  The following links will give you some guidelines to identifying the Salmon you catch, but experience and actually looking at fish in your hands is the best teacher.

Learn how to Identify Different Salmon!

Chinkook Salmon Coho Salmon
Pink Salmon Chum Salmon
Atlantic Salmon Sockey Salmon

Fishing Puget Sound – When to Fish for Salmon!

The salmon come through Puget Sounds in waves and knowing where they will be and when is about as important as it gets.  The first rule of fishing is ‘fish where the fish are’ so read up on the links below to find out just exactly where and when the fish will be in your part of Puget Sound!

Learn When & Where to fish & catch
Chinook, Coho, Pink & Chum Salmon
in & around Puget Sound & it’s rivers with the links below!

Best Places to Fish by Area / Best Places to Fish by Month
When & Where to Fish for Salmon Reports
Marine Areas / Puget Sound Rivers / Columbia and Tributaries
Coastal Rivers / Strait of Juan de Fuca and Hood Canal Rivers

Learn how to fish & catch
King, Silver, Humpy & Chum Salmon
in Puget Sound & it’s rivers with the links below! – – –
How to rig a Cut-Plug Herring / Trolling Herring / Drifting Herring
How to Catch Salmon Drifting in Rivers
Lake Washington Sockeye Salmon / Estuaries & Tidewater
How To Catch Salmon – How to Troll for Salmon – How to Mooch for Salmon
How To Jig for Salmon – How to Bank Fishing for Salmon – Squid Fishing Puget Sound


3 thoughts on “Fishing Puget Sound For Salmon”

  1. We’re new to this site and looking for others to fish with. I don’t have a salt water boat but can chip in reasonably. I’m used to fishing area 8-2 out of Port Susan but would love to fish for lings or halibut farther north. I’ve heard quite a bit about Penn Cove. Suggestions on where to fish or camp would be cool. Anyone w/a bay boat interested in fishing those areas, just give a jingle =D> ((((((((Fish On)))))))))

    1. Are you still interested in fishing puget sound? Bringing a fishing boat from Florida and have no idea on fishing these waters. 24′ CC with twin yamahas

      1. We still get out and fish, just not as much as we want to! That is a big boat, hopefully we get to have some sort of salmon season up here this year for you to test it out on.

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