Girls Fishing in Bikinis – No not the islands!

Back before the last great server crash, I had a page with girls fishing in bikinis.  Google still is sending people to that page, so I though I would make it a regular thing to post links and pictures of girls fishing in bikinis.  Hey, if you want it, who am I to deprive you of hot girls in little or no clothing, fishing (or at least pretending to.)

Women fishing pictures site
Great shots of women, some in bikinis actually fishing!

This week I am featuring Chicks Fishing, a great site with pictures of real women fishing.  Some of them are even wearing bikinis!

Of course I am a realist and understand that most of the pictures of girls fishing in bikinis are going to come from California and Florida, but is it too much to ask for some of you sexy Northwest girls to take some pics on those few fleeting days of Summer that we have?  Sheesh!

Now I do know of one gal up here in Washington that is sexy, not afraid to flaunt it and can out-fish most guys.  That would be Angie the Fishingoddess. A former neighbor of mine, she has no fear of teasing the boys on the river.

Washington sexy fishing gal Angie shows off her boobs
Washington fishing gal Angie shows off her boobs!

If you are up here in the northwest and have some sexy fishing in bikini shots you would like to share, just let us know and we will be glad to post them!

See all the girls in our Hot Chicks Fishing and On Boats Page!


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