You catch your fill of crab yet? Too bad!

Dungeoness Crab If you haven’t watched the reports, Crabbing in Puget Sound is now closed for assessment and may or may not reopen for the Winter season.  I wouldn’t hold my breath. 

Don’t forget that this means that you must turn in your crab catch (or non-catch) card by October 10th!

This year’s reporting deadline has been extended by more than two weeks to give crabbers more time to remember to send them in. Those who meet the deadline will be entered in a drawing for one of 10 free 2011 combination fishing licenses.  There is no excuse either, since you can do it pretty fast and easy online at 

So there is the new on Crabbing in Puget Sound.  Hope you enjoyed Summer ‘cause it is over and now it is Coho season!

Photo courtesy of Makenosound

Interactive map information on Puget Sound

Puget Sound Keepers Ever wonder about the water quality in Puget Sound, or if a certain shellfish beach is open or not? Then check out this interactive map from the people at and shows just how messed up the Puget Sound waters really are.  The idea of course is if you know just how screwed up the waters we love are, you will help fix it.

Take a look and see just what is going on in your area.  You might even consider helping to do something about it.  Cleaner water means more fish, crabs and clams for us all!

Painting Perch and Crappie Jigs with Vinyl Paint

It is almost Panfish season here in Western Washington and so I have been restocking the old tackle boxes and have been noticing that I am dreadfully short on jig heads.  Shopping for Perch and Crappie jigs in the stores is a pain because they never have any that I like, at a price I am happy with.   Plus I am a bit of a hook snob and like using really good hooks, even on my Crappie and Perch jigs.

With some looking I found a reputable place online to pick up my jigs, but they come un-finished.  That is fine for my Crappie tube hooks, but for the others, I wanted to get them painted.  Again with some looking and reading of forums and comparing powder coating to vinyl dipping, I am going with dipping my new jigs in vinyl coating.

The process seems straight forward enough, and I can control the colors I use.  Plus it changes the price of my lures to a few cents apiece from the $1 or so the stores want for a low quality hook that has already been painted.  Here is a video from Do-It showing just how easy it is to vinyl coat the head of your jigs.

So don’t be a slave to the over priced stores, get busy, get some jigs and paint your jig heads up yourself and save some money.  That way you can buy better beer the next time you go fishing!

Halibut and Ling Cod Fishing in Puget Sound

Looks like the Halibut fishing is starting out good.  Now just to get enough time to get Thomas and get the boat around into some spots where we can actually catch some!

The halibut and lingcod fisheries in Puget Sound, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and two southern coastal ports started off on a high note.

The eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca and north Puget Sound generated good catches of halibut when the areas opened last weekend.

“I’ve never seen such a phenomenal halibut fishery on the (May 1) opening day like this one,” said Larry Bennett, the head state Fish and Wildlife sampler in the Strait.
(Seattle Times)

As you can see, things are a mess!

Our old host didn’t do us any favors and trashed our files without warning.  Soooo…  We are back to square one and rebuilding from scratch.  With any luck things will be  back and looking better than ever, so stay tuned and let see what turns up.

NOTE!  We are looking for guest commentary, so if you like writing about fishing stuff, have an article you want us to post, ect.  let me know!