Reel Girls 2013: Hot Women Fishing Calendar TV Special

Everyone knows I am a fan of fishing, Tequila and hot looking women. That is why it puts a smile on my face to let you know that the 2013 Reel Girls calendar is not only  ready, but you can get a preview of the twelve of Florida’s HOTTEST women anglers that are gracing the pages of the 2013 Reel Girls Calendar.   Just tune into the Sportsman Channel (if you get it) Saturday December 15th at 7:30 PM ET to check out the hot fishing babes that are on the calendar.

 “It’s no secret, women like to boat and fish too. The calendar features young, attractive female anglers, but it’s tasteful, and truly just a representation of the kind of anglers you’d find on the water any given weekend in our state. We didn’t hire professional models, our art director Drew Wickstrom went out and found anglers via our Facebook page and Forum who wanted to fish for a day, as well as participate in the calendar shoot. We’ve been trying to create a little more buzz for the calendar each year, and this year we finally did it,” said publisher Blair Wickstrom.

If that is true then we need to step it up here in the Northwest!  I have been out fishing a fair bit and a good looking girl fishing in a bikini around here is about as rare as a 60# Chinook on Possession Bar.  I know you probably haven’t had enough of these girls yet, so here is a bonus video for the band Port Salerno band Fresh Catch, that features shots from the calendar shoot.

Hot Fishing Women Calendars

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