WaveSpin DH3000 Fishing Reel Review

It was some time ago that the guys over at WaveSpin shipped me out one of their DH 3000 reels to test out. What about it that really caught my attention is that it is designed specifically for casting braided line without getting tangled up with line loops.

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During the Winter, when we aren’t out in the boat on Puget Sound wasting our days away trolling for Salmon, you can generally find us up on a river chasing fish around. The normal rig is braided line, with a bobber and jig or else a spinner on the end of the line.

Either way, the biggest problem is that braided line loves to get loops in it, and that is no fun to deal with on 35 degree days when your fingers are half frozen. The WaveSpin reels promised to eliminate the problems of wind loops in your line. I was skeptical, but wanted to try it out.

Now before we get to my experience with it, I want to go over some history on this thing. The WaveSpin reels were developed by Doug Hannon, who most of us up here in the Northwest have never heard of, but he knows his stuff when it comes to fishing.

Since their debut, the WaveSpin reel system has won award after award from groups such as FLW Outdoors, and has even been adopted as the reel of choice for Disney Worlds fishing tours. No, I had no idea that you could go fishing at Disney World either, so don’t feel left out.

Jerry Gibbs the editor for Outdoor Life Magazine, wrote that the WaveSpin reel represents “the first significant improvement in salt- and freshwater spinning-reel design in more than 50 years. What sets the WaveSpin apart from its competitors is that it’s virtually impossible for the line to bird nest during a cast.”

If this is starting to sound like a promo for the WaveSpin reels, it ought to tell you what I think of them. So let us get on to what my experience with the WaveSpin DH3000 has been.

The construction on the WaveSpin reels is excellent. I hate it when reels have cheap parts, and plated handles because inevitably they peel and get sharp edges. The solid aluminum handle feels great in your hand and will take a beating. Mine is scratched up from getting banged on rocks and the back of our rigs and a regular reel would have the silver crap peeling off by now.

The Dead Stop™ No Slack Anti Reverse system is spot on and tight. The last thing you want to do when a finicky Steelhead or Salmon is nibbling on your lure, is set the hook and lose half a foot of line to the anti-reverse mechanism on your reel. This reel sets hooks immediately when you haul back!

Of course the important part of the equation is the claim that it eliminates tangles in your line. Loops are bound to happen with braided line, especially when you are fishing a float and pulling in line without much tension on the braid. The WaveSpin reels can’t eliminate that from happening, but what they manage to do is catch those loops as they are coming onto the spool and keep them from completely screwing up your line.

Before writing this, I took my rod with the DH 3000 reel on it out to the Skykomish river to play with it a little more. Now the braided line that is on there is old, and has been there a while so it has a lot of curl to it. I spent the morning casting spinners and several times I looked down to see stripes of line cutting across the face of the spool.

These stripes are loops of line that had formed and that the reel had caught. On a regular reel, these would make casting impossible, but with the WaveSpin they care right out on the next cast. That is really cool since cleaning out bird-nests from your reel is a bitch and takes away from time you could be fishing.

My overall review of the WaveSpin 3000? It is staying on my river fishing rod, how about that! The combination of smooth action, full anti-reverse and ability to catch the loops in my braided line is a winning combination.

For anyone considering buying a WaveSpin reel, I also really like the price point. As of the time I am writing this, you can pick up a WaveSpin DH3000 at Cabella’s for $85. Not a bad deal for a great, 8+1 ball bearing reel.

I definitely suggest you take a look at them if you are going to be casting braided line on your next trip to the river.

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