A New Fishing Kayak From Cabela’s?

Is This The New Cabela’s Fishing Kayak?

Cabela's KayakKayak Angler magazine is claiming to have photos of a not yet released to the market fishing kayak that is due to hit the racks at Cabela’s  in June.

We received photos of Cabela’s new fishing kayak from an anonymous source. Looks like the new boat will be 12-feet long and 36-inches wide. The boat features a broad standing platform, electronics/gear pod and rod-tip protectors.

At 12′ it probably would just hold my big butt up, but would likely be a great fishing kayak for most lakes.

We will have to wait and see what price point it will come out at and whether or not I would sink it. LOL

Tulalip Cabela’s Hiring Management Positions

Apply for management jobs now at the new Tulalip Cabela's
The Tulalip Cabela's has posted job openings for managers!

Tulalip Cabela’s Has Posted Job Openings in Marysville.

I have a couple of friends that I know are just waiting to try and get on at the new Tulalip Cabela’s as soon as they start hiring.  Right now it looks like they are just hiring management, but I can only assume that once they get all those people in place the rest of the staff will be selected.

Right now I believe they are on track for an April 2012 opening of their slightly smaller than average 110,000-square-foot store in Quil Ceda Village.

“We’re going to move with a purpose,” said tribal Chairman Mel Sheldon. “We’re keeping our fingers crossed” for an April opening.

Jamie Gull of Cabela’s said the company “isn’t pinning down an exact date” but wants to open in the spring.

“We’re excited to be here,” he said, noting that the Quil Ceda Village site along I-5 “is a great location with fantastic visibility off the freeway.”

If you are wanting to work at the Tulalip Cabela’s I would definitely get your resume in now or bookmark the Cabela’s job search page and keep checking in for positions that you might want!

Cabela’s to Open Tulalip, WA Store in 2012.

YES! Cabela’s is going to open a new store in Quil Ceda Village in 2012.

New Cabelas will be opening in Tulalip, WA
A new Cabela's store to be opening in 2012 at the Quil Ceda Village in Tulalip, WA

I will save you the canned press release promo crap that all the papers are reprinting.  The rumor has been out there that Cabela’s was finally going to open up a store on the north side of Seattle, but now it is official.  I love how the press release hypes the general are and everyone just chugs happily along promoting it.  But I digress.

Cabela’s – synonymous with ‘a whole lot of outdoor shopping’.

If you have been to the Cabela’s store in Lacey (or any of the Cabela’s stores) you know they are BIG.  The Tulalip Cabela’s will be an impressive 110,000 square feet, which should put it on par with the Home Depot that is up there if you want something to compare it to.

Tulalip is a logical choice for Cabela’s

OK it is good press to put the new Cabela’s in Tulalip and they make a repeated effort to point out that this is the first Cabela’s on tribal land and that Tulalip is the first federally recognized tribal city in the country.  The reality is that they probably get some great tax breaks for being on tribal land.

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