Trout Eat Mice?

Do Trout Eat Mice?

Honestly I’ve heard of Bass eating just about anything they can wrap their mouths around, including mice.  But as for a  Cutthroat Trout eating a mouse, that is something I’d never heard of until now.  This shot comes from a fairly old Field & Stream article, but I just ran across it. A photo of a Cutthroat trout with a mouse down its throat is something I’d never have figured I’d see.

Cutthroat trout eats a mouse

Pretty amazing shot, but I’d give that fish a 50/50 chance it won’t survive its gastronomic selection.  Still, it is an amazing shot and proves what I’ve always said that any given species will often eat things that people say they don’t.  I mean why else would trout eat corn?