Fishing Subscription Box For Men

Monthly Fishing  Subscription Box For Men

Everyone loves presents, which is why the monthly subscription box for men services are blowing up.  There are scads of monthly subscription services for clothing, boxes for men’s accessories and lots more.  But here we are going to highlight just the fishing related subscription boxes for men.  Though in all fairness, women can get them too.

We have been trolling the depths of the Internet to find the best to of the fishing subscription box services and here is what we landed:


mystery tackle box

Mystery Tackle Box

One of the first to blow up on the scene of fishing related subscription boxes for men, Mystery Tackle Box has remained strong, delivering an assortment of fishing lures. You pick the species and they deliver the lures.

lucky tackle box subscription box for men

Lucky Tackle Box

Not quite as well known, but delivering very similar content, the Lucky Tackle Box subscription service for men is another great choice for monthly mystery boxes of lures.

monthly fly fishing subscription box for men

Monthly Fly

There are several fly fishing related subscription box service companies. All offer a selection of flies. Monthly Fly gives you the great choice of ‘matching the hatch’ with your region and time of year.

the fly pack monthly fly fishing subscription box for men

The Fly Pack

This monthly subscription box gives you the choice of getting flies, or fly tying materials. I think that is a very interesting option, especially if part of the year it is snowing where you live.

post fly box monthly fly fishing subscription box

Post Fly Box

Offering a wider selection of types of flies than the rest, if you are looking for flies for less commonly fly fished for, you might look here.

The Crappie Box, panfish monthly subscription box for men

The Crappie Box

Focused on Crappie and other panfish, this is a great box idea if you are into Crappie, Perch and the like.  Just pronounce the name right please.

Monthly bait club fishing box subscriptions

Monthly Bait Club

This monthly fishing subscription box targets southern fishers, giving you a choice of freshwater Bass lures or saltwater lures for Snook, Redfish and Seatrout.

Did We Get All The Fishing Subscription Boxes For Men?

Is there fishing box for men that we missed?  Please let us know, or if you have a comment about one of these services, please post about it in the comment section below!