Salmon Fishing with Copper Wire

Have You Heard About Using Copper Wire to Fish For Salmon?

Copper Fishing Line
Is copper fishing line a superior way to get down deep when salmon fishing?

I just ran across the phenomenon and wanted to see if anyone else has heard of it here in the Pacific Northwest.  Apparently there is a new and improved way to get deep for fish like Salmon and Walley and that is Copper Fishing Line.  Never heard of the stuff until today quite honestly!

The advantage people are stating is that copper fishing line gets up to twice as deep as lead core line for the same amount of line you have put out.  I can see how that would be a real benefit.  But then again I haven’t used lead core line since I was a kid trolling around on Priest Lake over in Idaho, and that was a long time ago now!

That being said, I can see how this stuff would give you and advantage if you were mooching your way along Possession Bar and wanted to get down nice and deep.  Smaller diameter and heavier weight would definitely help you achieve that.

Fishing Copper Wire

Now most people I know go to braided line and diver around here when they are trying to troll deep sans downrigger so this information quite honestly comes from online research.  If I miss something of have it wrong, this is my disclaimer.  If you are currently running copper wire to fish for salmon, please leave me a comment down below!

Copper wire fishing line requires bigger reels.  The stuff is less bulky than lead core line, but still takes up a lot of room on the reel and since you need to put out a bunch of it to get down, reel capacity has got to be big.  Another key to the reel you use for fishing with copper wire is that it is a level wind.  Once copper wire gets tangled up, it stays tangled up.

You also really need a line counter on your reel.  Knowing how much line you have out is an indicator of how far down you are fishing.  This of course is only a guideline since water speed, the lures you are dragging and about 400 other factors will affect sinking rates, but 30 lb. copper wire fishing line sinks about 5-6 feet every 10 yards. 45lb line sinks about 8-9 feet for every 30 feet out.

Here is where things get messy though.  All of my sources are pointing at the Okuma Convector 55L as having the capacity you want, but it isn’t a line counter.  The biggest Line counter that Okuma makes is the CV-45D.

—>  I am still waiting to hear back from all the manufacturers on what they consider their best rods and reels for fishing copper wire to be and will update this as their info comes in. 

Suggested Reels for Fishing Copper Wire

Rods for Fishing Copper Wire

You need rods with metal eyes for fishing copper wire.  The problem is that the knots used to connect the leader to the copper wire and the copper wire to the backing tend to pop out he plastic and ceramic inserts found on most fishing rods these days.

  • Okuma Classic Pro GTL Copper Leadcore Trolling Rod (CP-CL-862M)
  • Tica Rod DGEB90M2 “Copperlakes”

Your Opinion on Copper Fishing Line for Catching Salmon?

If you are a West Coast salmon fisherman I would love to get your input on fishing for salmon with copper wire.  Admittedly I am well entrenched in my rut of using downriggers and divers, but I know there is more than one way to skin a cat and more than one way to get salmon to bite.

Give me your best input on copper fishing line and leave it in the comments section below.  I would love to hear what you have to say about this stuff!

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For fun I thought I would start putting together a map of Seattle fishing tackle stores.  Now I know I don’t even know half of the places out there, so if you own a fly fishing shop, tackle store, boat shop with bait and lures, whatever, post a reply here or send us some mail and I will see that it gets on the map!

Leave your comments about fishing stores!

Do we need to know about a Seattle store that isn’t on our list?  What stores do you think are best for what species?  Which store has the best staff?  Post your comments and let everyone know!

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