Video – Tying The Blingnobyl Ant

A Pink Variation On The Chernobyl Ant

In the past I have made no bones about not being a fly fisherman.  I throw metal and meat 98% of the time, sometimes both at the same time.  But there are few flies that I keep around for special occasions. Chernobyl Ants are one of those.  I like them because they have a great profile from underwater, don’t sink and are relatively easy to tie.

This variation, the Blingnobyl Ant takes it up a notch, using some pink craft store foam to add some oddball color to the traditional black Chernobyl Ant pattern.  This video was done by the crew at and if you like tying flies you should check out their site, they have some cool patterns.

Materials List

Hook: Allen D202 Dry Fly #8 or Daiichi 1280
Thread: UTC GSP 100 Red or MFC Premium Thread, Pink 3/0
Under-bodyPearl Cactus Chenille or MFC Lucent Chenille (Small)  
BodyGlitter Craft Foam (Pink 2mm) glued to 2mm Fly Tying Foam, Cut to shape
Legs: Orange Barred Rubber Legs or Speckled Centipede Legs
Indicator: 2mm white fly tying foam



The Fly Fishing Show Lynnwood 2014

If You Fly Fish Then Get Over Valentines Day In Lynnwood

The Fly Fishing Show SeattleJust a reminder that The Fly Fishing Show is back in town at the Lynnwood Convention center again this year.  It is is running Feb. 15th and 16th and is $15 for a day pass.  You can get a $25 two day pass, but unless you want to see all the speakers, you can take it in in a single trip.

The director of the show has this to say:

Our celebrity speakers will help you with your casting, fly tying, and all aspects of our sport. The lectures and demos educate and inspire all fly-fishers: beginners to experts. Manufacturers of the latest rods, reels, lines, clothing and accessories – and the dealers selling all the products – are here for you. The popular Destination Theater talks have everything you need to know about your local waters and exotic dream trips.

If you read any of my posts, you know I’m not a huge fly fishing fan.  It works, but I’ve never gotten into it.  But if you are, this is a good local show to attend.  I was there last year to check it out and while it is small, they have a good number of vendors, guides and such crammed into the convention center.

Tips On Attending The Fly Fishing Show

Biggest complaint I had was that this show pulls way more people than the parking can handle.  They had set up additional parking at the church just to the east of the convention center and that was completely full.  I wound up parking a few blocks away and hiking in.

There was food and drink available in the cafeteria last year, but with the number of restaurants within walking range, I would opt for them instead.

Bring cash or purchase your tickets ahead of time! They are only accepting cash at the door and you don’t want to be that guy that shows up with no money in his pocket.


Killer Floating Yellow Jacket Fly Pattern

That ain’t no bumble bee!

I don’t know what the guys at Get Em Wet were thinking calling this a Bumble Bee.  I know what a Yellow Jacket looks like when I see one.  Lord knows I have had enough encounters with them as a kid in North Idaho.  In any case, this is a killer looking dry fly pattern and I bet in the heat of summer is will slay just about any fish you put it in front of!

Bumble Bee
This what a Bumble Bee looks like.

Yellow Jacket
This is what a Yellow Jacket looks like.

Bumble Bee (Yellow Jacket) Dry Fly Tying Video

This is an easy yet deadly effective bumble bee pattern. There aren’t a lot of these out there and this one gets the job done. It does take a little while to tie but its worth it in the end.



Lynnwood Fly Fishing Show Feb. 16-17

Fly Fishing Enthusiasts Assemble (in Lynnwood)!

Lynnwood Convention Center

As per usual around here, events tend to sneak up with no real fanfare.  Such is the case for the 2013 Fly Fishing Show that is being held at the Lynnwood Convention Center Feb. 16th and 17th.

Here is some information from the Fly Fishing Show website on the event in Lynnwood.

A Note From the Director:
     Welcome to the Fly Fishing Show. Our return to the Pacific Northwest
is exciting because we will be in a new location, the Lynnwood Convention Center. It’s a modern facility, very accessible, and has plenty of free
Our celebrity speakers will help you with your casting, fly tying, and all aspects of our sport. The lectures and demos educate and inspire all fly-fishers: beginners to experts. Manufacturers of the latest rods, reels, lines, clothing and accessories – and the dealers selling all the products – are here for you. The popular Destination Theater talks are everything you need to know about your local water and exotic dream trips.
Consider our special classes where you can spend a private morning with a celebrity instructor. Once you experience this choice, you’ll return again. Check out the variety available in the brochure or on our website. Stay for the whole weekend and enjoy the International Fly Fishing Film Festival to be hosted on Saturday night after the show.
We appreciate all of your support in the past and the overwhelming
request for our show to return. Come with friends and family and enjoy
the weekend full of fly fishing fun.
—Chuck Furimsky

A great lineup of fly fishing events, seminars and things to see!

Most fishing and outdoor shows are a little lite on the info in my opinion, but the Fly Fishing Show in Lynnwood has a HUGE list of seminars, classes and more that you will want to see.  For a complete list, I suggest you you check out the schedule of events!

Admission is $15 in cash at the door or $25 for both days and doors open at 9am, so grab some greenbacks and set your alarms!

Tying a Rubber Legged Nymph (Video)

I am a big fan of Nymphs for fly fishing!

I will still cling to the mantra that I am not a fly fisherman, but I am man enough to admit that there are times when they are absolutely deadly on the fish.  One of the best flies to use is a nymph.  A sinking fly that gets down and drifts right into a hungry trout’s feeding zone is more likely to get bit than one at the surface that makes it risk being seen by predators.

To that end, here are the instructions on tying a good looking nymph pattern with rubber legs.  I really like the added motion of the rubber legs in the water!

Tying The Rubber Leg from Christopher Miller on Vimeo.

 As usual you need to match what the fish are seeing for maximum effectiveness.  That being said, there are very few times of the year that I have found nymphs like this that resemble a stone fly or other bug in the water to not be effective lures.



UV Pink Bug Fly- by Lucian Vasies

The UV Pink Bug Fly Pattern

UV Pink Fly Pattern

This fly is originally credited as being for Grayling, but I can definitely see it being adapted and used as a Steelhead hook.

Now as you will know if you read this blog at all, that I am not by habit a fly fisherman.  However, I will say that from time to time, it is is an effective technique for catching fish, particularly if they are being finicky and you need to go small with your presentation.

UV Pink Bug Fly- by Lucian Vasies

Being that I am not a fly fisherman, how would you Steelheaders that fly fish modify this pattern to work here in our Northwest waters?  The hook looks small to me for Steelhead, but I of course, may be wrong about that not being fully versed in fly fishing.

Leave your comments below and lets hear what you have to say on the matter!

How to cast a fly line correctly.

I am by no means a fly fisherman.  But I am always looking at how things are done and done better, so when I was cruising through videos today I ran across this instructional video on how to cast a fly line effectively and thought I would share it with you.

In essence (if you didn’t watch the video yet) you are practicing the movement of casting a fly line with a cup of water.  If the water in the cup behaves correctly and goes where you want it to, so will your fly line.  Pretty cool huh?