Going Skirtless When Fishing Mats

Fishing Weed Mats Without A Punch Skirt

should you use a punch skirt when Bass fishing in weeds?

There is considerable debate about using a punch skirt when fishing for Bass in areas with mats of vegetation.  The idea is that the bulk of the silicone strands keeps weeds from grabbing your lure on the way through and add motion when underneath.  But are they worth it? Do you need them?

Here is a video that talks about going skirtless when fishing mats.

New Flounder Lures – Nekid Ball Jigz

Nekid Ball Jigz for fishing for Puget Sound Flounder, Sole and Halibut

Flounder LuresI am always up for for finding new lures so why not a new flounder lure?  Besides, how could I not write a post that talks about throwing nekid balls into cold, cold water…

We got several questions on what we were using in one of our first videos where we were fishing for Flounder and Sole and at the time we were using chunks of Herring, but I wouldn’t mind giving Nekid Ball Jigz a shot as a Flounder lure.

What makes Nekid Ball Jigz good Flounder Lures?

Quick change high quality components allow the angler to adjust the weight of the NBJ based on water depth and tidal conditions or switch out the hand tied salt water tough Kevlar hi-vis teaser to a color – flash pattern that works with the water clarity and feeding patterns of your target species.

Glow-Hot colors allow anglers to quickly “charge” the NBJ under a light source like you would your glow flashers and fish on into the night or use them in the pre-dawn “Magic Hours” just before sunrise.

Under water light sources are recognized fish attractors and not seen in most traditional Puget Sound Flounder lures.  The Nekid Ball Jigz provides anglers with a glow color selection sure to attract the most finicky of fish.

The 360 degree swivel action of the hi-vis teaser drives hungry predators wild.

Increased casting distances provided by the Nekid Ball Jigz allows you to cover more water, improving your chances of finding fish.

Puget Sound Flounder Half Eaten
Usually when we catch Flounder and Sole it is when we are trolling and sometimes we don’t even get all of them up!

How are Nekid Ball Jigz Made?

All Nekid Ball Jigz are Hand Poured “Ball Jigs” using stainless steel or bronze eyelets with Superior Glow In the Dark Powder Coatings. Heavy duty dual split ring swivels combined with Super Strong Kevlar wrapped hand tied Hi-Vis Teasers on 2/0 hooks then finished with a reverse attached ultra short shank 4x Strong stinger hook.

I really like the fact that they not only have a wide selection of weights and colors, but a couple of options for hooks as well.  As Flounder lures, you can order the size and hook combination you want to match the fish you are hunting.  Most off the rack hooks suck and come in one size, so this is nice!

Want to get some Nekid Ball Jigz for Flounder Fishing?

I’m pretty sure you aren’t going to find any of these Flounder lures in the local stores, so swing on over to the Nekid Ball Jigz website at http://www.nekidballjigz.com/ and pick a few up.  If you do, be sure to shoot us some comment and even a picture or two of what you catch!

Note:  These aren’t just Flounder lures either!  You can obviously catch Sole and other bottom fish with them and if you upsize a bit, you can even use them as Halibut lures!

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Winter Steelhead Lures – The Old #5 Spinner

Winter Steelhead are special critters and it takes something impressive to get them to bite.  Think about it, they just swam up a river, it is bitch-ass cold and they are thinking about sex.  Why would they want to bite a lure?

For my favorite Winter Steelhead lure, it is because it is in their space and pissing them off.  What is it?  The good old #5 spinner!  Why do I love spinners so much for Steelhead fishing?  Beyond the fact that they work for me, they are a no-fuss lure.

I am sure the guys with the fly poles, the shrimp and all the fancy shit will tell you they do better than me, and they are probably right.  But when it is 43 degrees out and I am cold, I don’t want to mess with all that stuff.  I want a lure that works, and I don’t have to re-bait, adjust and fiddle with.

Top quality spinners for catching Steelhead Trout
A selection of spinners for catching Steelhead

In the Winter you will want a bigger spinner with lots of flash to really wake the Steelhead up.  A BIG #5 in silver with some red on it will do the trick.  Big means lots of thump for them to hear/feel and silver means more flash to cut through the murky water you will usually encounter during the wetter months.

What do you think?  What is your favorite spinner for Winter Steelhead fishing?  Post a comment and let me know!

WD-40 as an attractant for fish

WD-40 fish attractant or not?
Does WD-40 really work as a fish attractant?

The myth that WD-40 works as a magic fish attractant when you spray it on your lures has been around a long, long time.  So today I wrote up a few of my thoughts on using WD-40 as a fish attractant.

For the most part WD-40 is a half-way decent lubricant and all purpose spray, but what do you think of it as a magic spray to catch fish?  Does it work?  Is it a myth?  Tell me what you think!