20# Salmon Stolen Off Fisherman’s Line By Mystery Predator

As If Seals Stealing Salmon Wasn’t Bad Enough…

A video recently posted online shows Thomas Tran reeling in what looks to be a pretty nice salmon off the coast of Canada when something rockets from the deep dark waters to snatch his prize from him. I’m used to the hazards of seals and sea lions stealing salmon and I’ve seen video of killer whales doing it too, but what is this?

The clip is short at about 30 seconds originally and it runs through the attack once, and it is quick, at normal speed and then again at half speed.  For a moment you see the salmon working to get away, then something rises up and munches the salmon in one bite.  Tran’s line snaps shortly after that.

Sturgeon Or Shark Stealing This Salmon?

The two things that have been put forth as the culprit are sturgeon and sharks.  Sturgeon are definitely big enough to go after a salmon, but to me, this doesn’t look like one.  To me, that smooth tan skin looks like a shark and there are sharks up in the northern waters.

A shark stealing a salmon off someone’s line? Happens down in Florida so why not up here in the north as well?

Chompy the Shark and the Kayak Fisherman

When a shark wants a tuna, a shark gets a tuna

Kayak fishing is exciting no doubt, but when a shark wants the fish you are reeling in, it is even more interesting.  This is exactly what Isaac Brumaghim experience recently off the coast of Hawaii.  He was fishing for tuna when a shark decided that it wanted the fish he was reeling in.



Recalling the experience off the Waianae Coast, he said of the shark: “He exploded under my kayak, his dorsal hit my kayak. It was just like a rush. The shark scared me,” he said. “But I really needed that fish for my job.”

Isaac runs the site Aquahunters and typically has a camera mounted to his kayak to record his fishing trips.  This time out though, he got more than he expected. Needless to say, after the rush subsided his first thought was: “I hope I got that on camera.”

In the end he doesn’t get the fish, but he kept all his limbs and has some great video to show for it!


Hammerhead Sharks in Puget Sound?

There are a lot of weird things turning up in Puget Sound.  This time it is the head of a Hammerhead Shark that has washed up on Alki Beach.  Not what you normally expect to find down there.

What is next?  More Great Whites patrolling the sound?  The real question is if this shark swam here or was dumped off a fishing boat that had come up from warmer waters.

What do you think?  Is the ecology of Puget Sound and our Oceans in general changing that much?

NWCN Story on the Hammerhead shark head found on Alki Beach.