Video – Tying The Blingnobyl Ant

A Pink Variation On The Chernobyl Ant

In the past I have made no bones about not being a fly fisherman.  I throw metal and meat 98% of the time, sometimes both at the same time.  But there are few flies that I keep around for special occasions. Chernobyl Ants are one of those.  I like them because they have a great profile from underwater, don’t sink and are relatively easy to tie.

This variation, the Blingnobyl Ant takes it up a notch, using some pink craft store foam to add some oddball color to the traditional black Chernobyl Ant pattern.  This video was done by the crew at and if you like tying flies you should check out their site, they have some cool patterns.

Materials List

Hook: Allen D202 Dry Fly #8 or Daiichi 1280
Thread: UTC GSP 100 Red or MFC Premium Thread, Pink 3/0
Under-bodyPearl Cactus Chenille or MFC Lucent Chenille (Small)  
BodyGlitter Craft Foam (Pink 2mm) glued to 2mm Fly Tying Foam, Cut to shape
Legs: Orange Barred Rubber Legs or Speckled Centipede Legs
Indicator: 2mm white fly tying foam



Katee Owens Fishing in a Bikini

A hot amateur girl fishing in a bikini seems like  a good Friday update!

UPDATE: We used to have a video of Katee Owen fishing here, but that video has been scrubbed from the web it seems.

I am betting none of you are going to complain about today’s update considering that it is a video photo with the very cute amateur web girl Katee Owen (@RealKateeOwen) fishing in a bikini.  We all know what the fishing weather is like right now in the PNW so this is a great reminder of warmer days to come!

Web girl Katie Owens pulling in a fish.
Web girl Katie Owens pulling in a fish.

Lets show Katee some love for fishing in her bikini!

No, not that way you pervert!  Drop by her Twitter page, say hi and let her that you want more videos of her fishing in a bikini.  Alternately you can stop by her site and check out what she has going on.  Either way, let her know that you found her via us and let her know we want to see more!

Till next time, get out there and get fishing!  Oh…  And if you have a gal that likes to fish, send us in some pics, we would love to show them off in our next ‘Hot Fishing Girl‘ update!

Uncensored Photos Of Girls Fishing Naked

Don’t forget that you can check out all sorts of girls fishing in bikinis, fishing topless and even girls fishing naked over on the site Be warned that some of it is definitely NSFW (not safe for work).

Website with hot girls fishing in bikinis or fishing naked

Tying a Rubber Legged Nymph (Video)

I am a big fan of Nymphs for fly fishing!

I will still cling to the mantra that I am not a fly fisherman, but I am man enough to admit that there are times when they are absolutely deadly on the fish.  One of the best flies to use is a nymph.  A sinking fly that gets down and drifts right into a hungry trout’s feeding zone is more likely to get bit than one at the surface that makes it risk being seen by predators.

To that end, here are the instructions on tying a good looking nymph pattern with rubber legs.  I really like the added motion of the rubber legs in the water!

Tying The Rubber Leg from Christopher Miller on Vimeo.

 As usual you need to match what the fish are seeing for maximum effectiveness.  That being said, there are very few times of the year that I have found nymphs like this that resemble a stone fly or other bug in the water to not be effective lures.



Girls that don’t like fishing – One Possible Answer

Guys, have you ever had a girlfriend that didn’t like you going fishing with the guys, but never wants to go with you?  Or better yet, goes fishing with you and then complains the whole time? Here is one possible solution to a bitchy girlfriend that hates your boat and despises you going fishing.