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Going Skirtless When Fishing Mats

Fishing Weed Mats Without A Punch Skirt There is considerable debate about using a punch skirt when fishing for Bass in areas with mats of vegetation.  The idea is that the bulk of the silicone strands keeps weeds from grabbing your lure on the way through and add motion when underneath.  But are they worth […]

Quantum Hellcat 30 Spinning Reel Reviewed

Is the Quantum Hellcat 30 Your Next Spinning Reel? Quality fishing reels are something I love to have but I hate paying too much for them. To that end, I’m really liking the Quantum Fishing Hellcat 30 spinning reel. If you haven’t checked them out, they are as sexy as you get for a reasonably priced spinning […]

Video – Tying The Blingnobyl Ant

A Pink Variation On The Chernobyl Ant In the past I have made no bones about not being a fly fisherman.  I throw metal and meat 98% of the time, sometimes both at the same time.  But there are few flies that I keep around for special occasions. Chernobyl Ants are one of those.  I like […]

Bow Fishing For Carp In Washington State

Yes, You Can Bow Fish For Carp In Washington In Washington State, Carp are an invasive species and need to be managed (heavily).  To that end, they are the only fish legal to bow hunt for.  Here is a great article with some insights into bow fishing for for carp in Washington state waters. By […]

Rigging For Kayak Salmon Fishing – Tackle

What Tackle Do You Need When Salmon Fishing From A Kayak? Summer run Chinook salmon season is quickly approaching and I am looking forward to salmon fishing from my kayak. This is my first year really fishing a kayak and every trip is a new adventure, so it took some research to get the kayak […]

2014 Puget Sound Shrimping

Time To Shrimp Again Summer is fast approaching and that means that it is time to go shrimping!  The official notice came out a few days ago. Marine Areas 8-1, 8-2, 9 and 11 are re-opening for recreational coonstripe and pink shrimp fishing, with a 150-foot maximum fishing depth restriction. Marine Area 7 East is […]